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Top 10 Best Free Agent Wide Receiver Rankings 2022

by Riley Baines
Top 10 Best Free Agent Wide Receiver Rankings 2022

Top 10 Best Free Agent Wide Receiver Rankings

These are the best Wide Receivers in the NFL currently entering free agency. Usually teams retain their star Wide Receivers, but in Jacksonville they run in the opposite direction.

Read along as I list the top 10 best free agent Wide Receiver rankings.

  1. Davante Adams
    While Cooper Kupp just had the best Wide Receiver season, Davante Adams is still the best Wide Receiver in the NFL. His decision this off-season will be closely tied to that of Aaron Rodgers and I don’t blame him. They are the best offensive duo in the NFL.

  2. Chris Godwin
    A season ending ACL tear forced Godwin out of action, but I still classify him as elite. He’s one of the most well refined Wide Receivers in the NFL that nobody talks about. I doubt he returns with the Bucs unless they trade for a big name Quarterback.

  3. Mike Williams
    I’m always about a player getting his money, but if I was Mike Williams having Justin Herbert throwing to you should impact your decision in free agency. Both are deep ball specialists in their own right and Mike Williams is just hitting stride.

  4. Allen Robinson
    The controversy surrounding Allen Robinson and the Bears only highlights the organizations’ disfunction. Allen Robinson is not washed and should be chomping at the bit for a new home.

  5. Odell Beckham
    Another painful injury to watch. For all the hate he gets, I loved to see his comeback story in the Super Bowl. Then he tore his ACL. Entering his thirties, we’ve seen the best of Odell Beckham. That being said I believe he has more left in the tank.

  6. Michael Gallup
    Another great Wide Receiver with another torn ACL. Michael Gallup proved to be an electric playmaker forming arguably the best Wide Receiver trio in the NFL. I’m expecting a run it back scenario, but he’s looking to get paid and rightfully so.

  7. DJ Chark
    Broken record here again… another torn ACL. If I were D.J. Chark I would run away from Jacksonville and never come back. Unless it’s to beat them of course. There is always a market for a freakishly athletic 1000 yard receiver who is only 25 years old.

  8. Christian Kirk
    Christian Kirk was just 18 yards shy of cracking that 1000 yard barrier for the first time. He proved he is capable of filling in the WR1 role when Hopkins was injured.

  9. JuJu Smith-Schuster
    Not a torn ACL this time folks. A season ending shoulder injury kept Juju out of action. This is one of the most overhated players in the NFL. He is a solid receiver and a very willing blocker which nobody likes to talk about.

  10. Jakobi Meyers
    The ex-Quarterback Jakobi Meyers just makes this list. While he is one of the least athletic at the position, he continuously gets the job done with his grind it out attitude.

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