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Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023-24

2023 NFL Rankings

by Riley Baines
Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023-24
2023 NFL Rankings

The gridiron battles of the NFL have always been a showcase of extraordinary talent, but when it comes to the game-changing ability to turn a mere catch into a sensational touchdown, wide receivers stand in a league of their own. As the 2023 season beckons, a new hierarchy of wideouts emerges, with some familiar faces still dominating and some fresh talents bursting onto the scene. Their speed, agility, and uncanny ability to haul in seemingly impossible catches make them quarterback favorites and a constant menace to opposing defenses. From clutch game-winners to jaw-dropping one-handers, these players redefine the boundaries of what’s possible on the field. Let’s dive into the best Wide Receivers in the NFL today going into the 2023-24 season.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #10 Mike Evans

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #10 Mike Evans

#10 – Mike Evans

Mike Evans is like a fine wine, aging gracefully in the competitive world of the NFL. For nine straight seasons, he’s made it a habit to snag 65 passes and cross the 1,000-yard mark. A feat that shouts ‘consistency’. While the injury bug hasn’t been kind to him lately, his brilliance on the field remains undiminished.

Every offseason, the chat around water coolers and on social media inevitably veers towards Evans. In his near-decade-long NFL journey, he’s rarely been off the field, playing no fewer than 13 games a season. And while some say his chemistry with Brady saw fluctuations, his prowess remains untouched.

Not just a towering presence, Evans is lightning quick, often darting past defenders with an ease that belies his size. But it’s not just about speed or height. Mike’s knack for route-running, often underappreciated, showcases his football intellect. Sure, he may not have the razor-sharp cuts of some, but he compensates with a keen sense of positioning and leverage, making life difficult for his markers.

Now, here’s the deal: The Hall of Fame discussions around Evans will be anything but straightforward. Despite his remarkable consistency, he’s never been universally regarded as a top-five wide receiver. Yet, it’s hard to imagine future football narratives without a chapter dedicated to him. After all, that record for consecutive 1,000-yard seasons right from the start of a career? It has Mike Evans written all over it, and it’s not fading anytime soon.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - Honorable Mention Amon-Ra St. Brown

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – Honorable Mention Amon-Ra St. Brown

Honorable Mention – Amon-Ra St. Brown

In just his sophomore year, Amon-Ra St. Brown has exploded onto the NFL scene, showing what he’s truly made of. With a budding connection to quarterback Jared Goff, who boasted a stellar 106.6 QB rating when aiming for St. Brown, it’s evident that this former USC prodigy is on a trajectory few could’ve predicted. Having a mere five drops out of 265 career passes thrown his way? That’s the hallmark of a reliable receiver, my friends.

Surprisingly, many didn’t see this coming. Amon-Ra St. Brown fell all the way until the 5th round of the NFL draft. Now, he was among the rare breed of five receivers to snag a PFF grade above 90.0 this past season. And though he’s carving his niche primarily from the slot position, he’s proven he’s more than adept in that role.

Everyone’s chattering about his incredible agility post-catch. But what’s truly heartening is the evident synergy he’s built with Goff. No, St. Brown might not tower over his competition or possess that raw explosive energy, but the kid has got grit. He moves with a grace and power that defies his frame. Watching him, one thing’s clear: Amon-Ra St. Brown is not just another receiver. He’s Detroit’s rising star, and it’s a joy to watch his ascent.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #9 DeAndre Hopkins

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #9 DeAndre Hopkins

#9 – DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins has always been an enigma. At his zenith, he was indisputably the league’s crown jewel receiver. Yet, the winds of fate haven’t been the kindest to him recently. With injuries and suspensions shadowing him during his Arizona spell, and an offense that often seemed out of tune, it feels like a classic case of a superstar in the wrong story.

But let’s not get it twisted – Hopkins isn’t your run-of-the-mill wideout. He might not dazzle with sheer speed or stun with intricate routes. However, when it comes to having a vice-like grip and an almost magnetic attraction to the football, even amidst a sea of defenders, Hopkins is second to none.

There’s a cloud of uncertainty around him. Injuries are universal for the age he is entering and the Titans aren’t exactly a high-powered passing offense. That being said, the magic of DeAndre Hopkins always seems to shine bright no matter the Quarterback at the helm.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - Honorable Mention Garrett Wilson

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – Honorable Mention Garrett Wilson

Honorable Mention – Garrett Wilson

When you think of outstanding rookie performances in the NFL, Garrett Wilson’s 2022 season should come to mind. It’s a season where the stats don’t tell the whole story; yes, he broke tackles like a seasoned pro, trailing only Deebo Samuel, and yes, he surpassed 1,100 receiving yards. But when you factor in the QB quagmire in Jersey that season, with three backup-caliber quarterbacks attempting to get him the ball, Wilson’s accomplishments shine even brighter.

Aaron Rodgers, one of the league’s premier quarterbacks, now stands behind center for Wilson, and the sky’s the limit for the young receiver. Picture this: A route technician like Wilson, renowned for his agility after the catch, pairing up with Rodgers’ pinpoint accuracy and vision. The numbers from his rookie season – an average of 4.6 yards after the catch compared to 8.7 yards before it – only amplify our anticipation.

Garrett Wilson’s position as an honorable mention on this list should not be misinterpreted as a lack of respect for his abilities. The NFL is brimming with talented receivers, and for a rookie to make such an impact speaks volumes. As we gear up for another season, don’t be surprised if Wilson rockets up these rankings. With Rodgers at the helm and Wilson’s undoubted talent, they could form one of the league’s most formidable duos.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #8 Ceedee Lamb

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #8 Ceedee Lamb

#8 – Ceedee Lamb

If ever there was a tale of two halves in an NFL season, it’s CeeDee Lamb’s 2022 journey. For the first eight games, Lamb seemed to be finding his feet, with a catch rate just north of 57%. But oh, how the tables turned in the latter half – 65 eye-popping receptions, covering 803 yards and boasting a staggering 78.3% catch rate. It’s clear as day – once Lamb finds his rhythm, he’s unstoppable.

A two-time Pro Bowler and second-team All-Pro, the Cowboys struck gold with this former first-round pick. Lamb’s career stats are already impressive, with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and a total of 15 touchdowns in just two years. Not to mention, he’s managed to capture the essence of Cowboy greats, becoming the first in Dallas to account for 30% of the team’s receptions in a single season since the legendary Michael Irvin in ’95.

But Lamb’s tale isn’t just of accolades and rising numbers. It’s a story of adaptability. The Dallas offense is like a chameleon, always morphing, and it demands quick decision-making from its wideouts. There were stumbles along the way for Lamb, misjudgments in routes that cost dearly. Yet, the latter part of 2022 showed his resilience and sheer talent, with five games breaching the 100-yard mark post the Green Bay setback.

At a mere 24, with records tumbling and his star unmistakably on the rise, the NFL better watch out. CeeDee Lamb’s storm is only beginning.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - Honorable Mention Jaylen Waddle

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – Honorable Mention Jaylen Waddle

Honorable Mention – Jaylen Waddle

From the college fields of Alabama to the sun-soaked shores of Miami, the whirlwind journey of Jaylen Waddle, standing at a mere 5-foot-10, has silenced critics and dazzled fans in equal measure. Detractors once questioned his size, but what they should have really been asking was, “How do we stop him?”

Waddle’s sophomore NFL outing offered an emphatic answer: You can’t. A jaw-dropping average of 18.1 yards per target, with almost 7 of those yards materializing after the catch, has marked him as a force to be reckoned with. Notably, the arrival of Tyreek Hill to Miami’s roster seemed to breathe a new dimension into Waddle’s game. Transcending his rookie role, Waddle proved that he could shine both inside and out and up and down the gridiron. And those numbers? A resounding 75 catches, 1,356 yards, and eight touchdowns.

But it’s not just about stats; it’s about impact. The sheer velocity Waddle brings to the game doesn’t just resonate when he’s got the ball. The gravitational pull of his on-field presence means that defenses have to respect the deep threat he poses, opening up crucial space in the mid-field for the Dolphins’ artillery.

Of course, no assessment would be complete without some constructive criticism. Waddle’s explosive dynamism sometimes overshadows areas in need of refinement. His handling in contested scenarios has room for improvement, particularly when measured against the likes of Hill. These are nuances that, once ironed out, could elevate Waddle to even loftier heights.

As the new season beckons, Waddle is more than an honorable mention. He’s a statement of intent, a blurring flash of potential, and a challenge for defenses across the league. If he continues on this trajectory and rounds out his skill set, Waddle might just find himself leading the pack sooner than we think.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #7 A.J. Brown

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #7 A.J. Brown

#7 – A.J. Brown

Trading A.J. Brown during the 2022 NFL Draft might go down in history as one of the Titans’ most lamented decisions. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and for the Eagles, Brown was the silver bullet that propelled them to the Super Bowl. Pairing up with Jalen Hurts, Brown proved his mettle with staggering figures; a mere five drops on 145 targets and an average of 6.2 yards after each catch. Hurts surely found solace in the former Titan, with a 112.3 QB rating when aiming for Brown.

The transformation in Philly since Brown’s landing was palpable. An offense that once lacked spark suddenly ignited with Brown in the ranks, and not just him. DeVonta Smith’s game elevated, and Hurts’ prowess as a quarterback shone brighter. A player with elite attributes, Brown’s move to Philly was a revelation. Boasting a 118.8 passer rating on throws his way and an average of 2.59 yards per route run, Brown wasn’t just playing the game; he was dictating it.

Brown’s skill set is a unique blend. His imposing frame, standing at 6’1″ and weighing 226 pounds, juxtaposed with a 4.49 speed, makes him a formidable force on the field. This, paired with Hurts and Smith, is a dream trio for Philadelphia.

But it’s not just Brown’s physical attributes that make him stand out. In an NFL era veering towards agility and speed, Brown harks back to the days of sturdy wide receivers. His knack for detail and route-running is a testament to his continuous evolution as a player. Hurts found a trusted ally in Brown, especially for those middle-field assaults, with Brown’s size and agility providing a safety net.

Having shouldered the Titans’ passing game for three seasons, Brown’s shift to Philly set the stage for a new kind of spectacle. Setting new personal records, he took 34.3% of his team’s receiving yards, ranking fifth in the league. The year 1997 was the last time an Eagle ended among the top five in receiving yards. Brown revived that glory.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #6 Cooper Kupp

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #6 Cooper Kupp

#6 – Cooper Kupp

Last season, despite only gracing the gridiron for nine games due to injuries, Cooper Kupp managed to snatch up 75 catches off 95 targets. This came after a mind-blowing 2021 season where he was crowned the NFL’s top receiver in receptions (145), receiving yards (1,947), and receiving touchdowns (16). A performance of that caliber isn’t something we see every day. Kupp joined the elite ranks of NFL greats like Jerry Rice (1990), Sterling Sharpe (1992), and Steve Smith (2005) – those who achieved the revered “triple crown” for wide receivers.

At the heart of Kupp’s success is his proficiency as a route runner, a skill set that makes him a defensive nightmare for opponents. He’s not just a receiver; he’s a maestro, directing traffic in a game of speed and strategy. While he may have only notched one 1,000-yard season to date, this limitation is more a testament to the adversity he’s faced than any indictment on his skill.

Sean McVay’s usage of Kupp in the Rams’ offense paints a portrait of tactical brilliance. Kupp, always the best weapon on the field, often finds himself playing a hybrid role. Though predominantly a slot player, he can be seen taking on pseudo-TE duties, an uncanny versatility that’s seldom found in the league. Despite not being the most athletic receiver out there, Kupp’s intelligence and understanding of the game enable him to find pockets of space in the field’s short and intermediate areas, making him a valuable asset for the Rams.

In a season that witnessed Kupp grapple with an ankle injury that side-lined him prematurely, he still managed to average 90.2 receiving yards per game, a figure that placed him third across the NFL. Recounting his legendary 2021 campaign, it was nothing short of a fairy tale, ending with a Super Bowl ring. The numbers he posted were outrageous, a testament to his commitment, dedication, and sheer talent.

As we turn our eyes to 2023, the Rams’ blueprint remains an enigma. However, one thing is crystal clear: Kupp will be at the forefront of their offense. Ready to reclaim the crown and take the Rams to the promised land, the only thing that can stop him are injuries.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #5 Stefon Diggs

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #5 Stefon Diggs

#5 – Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs – a name that sends a shiver down the spines of defensive backs everywhere. Over the past five years, Diggs has painted a football canvas that would make the likes of Jerry Rice nod in respect. With 503 catches spanning half a decade, he’s just a whisker behind Rice’s best five-year run, and that’s saying something.

When Diggs made his way to Buffalo from Minnesota, it was like giving Mozart a grand piano after years on a keyboard. And boy, did he play. With 469 targets since his move, only Davante Adams has seen more action. More than 4,000 receiving yards, 29 touchdown celebrations, and an unmistakable aura of excellence have made Diggs one of the league’s most elite threats.

But what is it about this wide receiver that has elevated him to the football pantheon?

Five seasons. Five times breaking the 1,000-yard barrier. Three dances to the Pro Bowl, and two nods as an All-Pro. He’s consistently been at the pinnacle of his game, and the statistics only tell half the story. Diggs, in the Buffalo blue and white, has often stood alone, drawing double coverages and still managing to sizzle on the turf, racking up 108 catches, 1,429 yards, and 11 touchdowns last year. The man’s versatility is something to behold; equally comfortable stretching defenses as he is playing the clutch role on third down.

His resume since joining the Bills reads like a fairy tale. Three consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, historic rankings in franchise yardage and touchdowns, and the accolades just keep coming. And let’s not forget his age – at 29, Diggs delivered what was arguably his magnum opus, marking his name as one of the game’s greats.

So here’s to Stefon Diggs, a receiver who’s not just about the drama, but about dominating the narrative, rewriting records, and leaving a legacy that will be talked about for generations. Buffalo, you’ve got yourself a gem.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #4 Tyreek Hill

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #4 Tyreek Hill

#4 – Tyreek Hill

Some receivers are good. Some are great. And then there’s Tyreek Hill, who seems to belong in an entirely different universe. Hill took his talents to South Beach and, boy, did he bring the heat. As he blazed through his inaugural season in Miami, there were whispers and gasps. Could he? Would he? Break the single-season yards record for a receiver? Alas, injuries to Tua Tagovailoa threw a wrench in that narrative. But Hill’s numbers? They belong among the stars.

Consider this: he logged four games with over 160 receiving yards, and his stats screamed that defenses were petrified of him. They should be. With Hill, any snap could mean a touchdown, and that’s not a hyperbole. His average of over 10 yards before even making a catch speaks volumes.

What’s in Hill’s arsenal, you ask? Raw, unbridled speed. Acceleration that’s borderline illegal. The man could make a cheetah reconsider its life choices. And when he’s on the route? An outrageous 3.2 yards per route run, leaving the competition staring at his dust. Size? Forget about it. At 5-foot-10, he’s still gobbling up 52% of contested targets, making a mockery of the ‘size matters’ adage. The perks of being the fastest player in the NFL.

After waving goodbye to Andy Reid’s playbook, there were skeptics. Could Hill be as mesmerizing in Miami? The answer echoed loudly: Yes. He smashed records and set the tone for Tua’s career year, accounting for a jaw-dropping 32% of the team’s receptions. And remember, this is just his first year in Miami.

Age might slow down mere mortals, but at 29, Hill is just getting started. With Mike McDaniel sketching the plays and Hill executing them, 2023 could very well be the year of the Cheetah in Miami. Hold onto your hats, folks. Tyreek Hill’s about to turn the heat up even more.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #3 Davante Adams

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #3 Davante Adams

#3 – Davante Adams

If you thought the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas would dim the star that is Davante Adams, think again. Sin City’s gridiron scene might have hit some rough patches last year, but amidst the chaos, Adams remained an oasis of excellence.

Oh, what a transition it was. From the cozy confines of Lambeau Field, catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, to the neon-lit spectacle of Allegiant Stadium. A lot of folks, me included, wondered how Adams would fare without the Midas touch of Rodgers. But boy, did he put those doubts to rest. Catching darts from Derek Carr, Adams pulled in 100 receptions for a staggering 1,516 yards and 14 touchdowns. What’s more, 65% of those catches moved the chains, emphasizing his knack for clutch plays. That’s MVP-level stuff in anyone’s playbook.

Justin Jefferson may be the darling of the moment, but if we’re talking royalty, the crown still sits firmly on Adams’ head. Stats don’t lie, folks. Over the past three seasons, no one’s put up a higher PFF receiving grade than Adams’ 94.5, and his 2.67 yards per route run is a testament to his sheer dominance.

Remember the days when wide receivers were considered divas? Prima donnas who needed the ball every play? Adams shatters that mold. He’s a master craftsman, a savant of the split second. His footwork at the line of scrimmage is a thing of beauty; it’s poetry in motion. Need him in tight spaces? If wide receivers battled in phone booths, Adams would reign supreme.

Sure, he might not have the post-catch theatrics of a Ja’Marr Chase or a Tyreek Hill, but here’s the thing: Adams is the best friend a quarterback could have. He gets open. He catches the ball. It’s as simple and as elegant as that.

Now, as we usher in 2023, the NFL landscape changes again for Adams, this time with Jimmy Garoppolo slinging him the pigskin. The jury’s out on how this pairing will pan out. But if history’s taught us anything, it’s this: never bet against Davante Adams.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #2 Ja'Marr Chase

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #2 Ja’Marr Chase

#2 – Ja’Marr Chase

There’s a tale of two titans coming out of the Bayou. The duo of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase that once set college football ablaze have now ignited the NFL stage. But as Justin Jefferson gets his well-deserved spotlight, let’s not overshadow the meteoric rise of the Bengals’ sensation, Ja’Marr Chase.

Imagine this: just two seasons in, and Chase has notched up a staggering 2,501 yards with 22 end zone visits. To put it simply, if the NFL was a video game, Chase’s rookie and sophomore numbers would be the kind that makes you think your console is glitching. And while injuries may have momentarily clipped his wings in 2022, the whispers around the league are unanimous: Chase is gearing up for an aerial show in 2023.

Consistency is the hallmark of greatness, and though Chase’s sophomore outing couldn’t eclipse the mind-boggling rookie numbers, it spoke of a player who could handle the spotlight, dissect defenses, and outsmart seasoned veterans. With every snap, you could see defenses warily eyeing him, adjusting their coverage, but still, passes thrown his way ended up boosting Burrow’s passer rating to a hefty 112.4. When the playoffs rolled around? That number shot up to 118.2.

Chase’s chemistry with Burrow isn’t just impressive; it’s bordering on telepathic. This isn’t just any quarterback-receiver combo. It’s a masterclass in synchronization. Their LSU days are long behind them, but that electric rapport? It’s even more charged up in Cincinnati.

What makes Ja’Marr Chase stand out isn’t just his ability to rack up yardage or his penchant for big plays. It’s the way he marries his physique with his football IQ. Standing at 6’1″ and 200 pounds, Chase might not seem like a behemoth, but he plays like one. He’s got the wingspan of an albatross when high-pointing the ball and the agility of a gazelle in the open field.

The verdict? At 23, with a rocket arm like Burrow’s targeting him, Chase might just be scratching the surface of his potential. While the 2022 season might be termed as a ‘down year’, I wouldn’t bet against him making 2023 his own personal highlight reel. So, AFC defenses, consider this a heads-up: the Chase is on, and he’s not slowing down.


Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction - #1 Justin Jefferson

Top 10 Best Wide Receivers in the NFL Today 2023 Prediction – #1 Justin Jefferson

#1 – Justin Jefferson

It’s not every day that a wide receiver ascends the ranks with the velocity and verve of Justin Jefferson. He’s not just rewriting the rulebook; he’s crafting a new one. To say Jefferson has made an impact would be an understatement; he has, in many ways, ignited a revolution.

Three years, and this former LSU star has amassed numbers that seasoned pros would dream of: 324 catches, 4,825 yards, and 25 touchdowns. The sheer audacity of these stats makes you wonder if there’s a typo. But no, this is Justin Jefferson, who, in the span of a mere three seasons, has turned from a promising draft pick to the undisputed kingpin of NFL wide receivers.

Every league has its stalwarts – and in the NFL, Davante Adams held that pedestal. But here’s Jefferson, not just knocking on the door but almost effortlessly settling right next to him. And while Adams might have years of sweat and grind behind his legacy, Jefferson’s young career sparkles with its own brand of brilliance, including a fourth-and-18, one-handed marvel of a catch against Buffalo that’s already a thing of legend.

Mere numbers can’t encapsulate the full spectrum of his brilliance. Jefferson’s craftsmanship on the field is a symphony in motion. Each route, a meticulously rehearsed dance move; each catch, a masterpiece. His ability to weave magic on the field is more than just speed or physicality; it’s a unique blend of fluidity, finesse, and focus. It’s no surprise then that he’s already a three-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro inductee.

One might argue that every generation has its standout receiver, but Jefferson isn’t just a standout. He’s a prodigy. Consider the depth and breadth of his achievements: leading the league in receptions and yards, etching his name into the Vikings’ franchise records, and surpassing the iconic Randy Moss in receiving yards for the first three seasons. The Offensive Player of the Year title is just a cherry on top.

Yet, what stands out about Jefferson is not just his statistical supremacy but the nightmare he presents for defensive coordinators. His impeccable route running, combined with his natural ability to separate, makes him the most potent weapon in a defensive playbook. And while many wide receivers can pose threats, Jefferson operates on a plane of his own, devoid of weaknesses.

The future of the NFL’s receiver class shines brightly, and at its center is Justin Jefferson, a star whose luminescence is only bound to intensify. The world watches in eager anticipation because, with Jefferson, you’re always one play away from witnessing history.


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