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NFL Power Rankings Tier List Week 4

by Riley Baines
NFL Power Rankings Tier List Going into Week 4

NFL Power Rankings Tier List Going into Week 4

Embrace the energy, the strategy, and the unadulterated passion of American football as we break down the most exciting matchups, underdog triumphs, and epic showdowns in our NFL Power Rankings for Week 4.


TIER 1: Super Bowl Favorites

Buffalo Bills:

So, the Buffalo Bills, oh what a sight they were, pulling off a 37-3 win, but it wasn’t the offense that stole the show, it was the defense! They sacked Sam Howell nine times and didn’t stop there, throwing in four interceptions for good measure. Josh Allen and his squad might have had their struggles, especially on early downs, but they’re showing signs of mastering the nuances and making some noise this season! When the Bills face the Dolphins next, it’s bound to be a riveting spectacle! Keep an eye out; the Bills are rolling!

Kansas City Chiefs:

The Kansas City Chiefs, with their top-five EPA defense, have shown us they’re more than just their prolific offense, bouncing back in style after that season opener hiccup against the Lions. There was a moment of shared gasps when Patrick Mahomes limped around, but word is, he’s alright – and so are the Chiefs, dusting themselves off after some initial setbacks, and putting the league on notice after routing the Bears. It’s evident; with their defense quietly dominating and the offense back on track, the Chiefs are in for a thrilling ride this season!

Philadelphia Eagles:

So, the Philadelphia Eagles, yes, those Eagles, they showed us a glimpse of their full potential in Tampa, and it was something! The score was 25-11 against the Buccaneers, but between you and me, the Eagles were in a league of their own, leading 25-3 before easing off the gas pedal. Despite the initial hurdles with passing yards and defenses trying to corner Jalen Hurts, this team, with talents like D’Andre Swift and A.J. Brown, has found its rhythm and is looking unstoppable. As they gear up for the Dolphins in Week 7, there’s a buzz, a hint of anticipation – could we be looking at the unstoppable Eagles this season?

San Francisco 49ers:

The San Francisco 49ers, led by the synergistic duo of Christian McCaffrey and Brock Purdy, have been a whirlwind, showcasing offensive prowess by scoring 30 or more points in 10 out of 14 regular-season games! Despite facing the highest blitz and pressure percentages in the NFL, they’ve managed to keep Purdy mostly unscathed and continue to amass those wins. Sure, Purdy had his moments of imperfections against the Rams and Giants, but the Niners have held their ground, even making dominant defensive statements against the Giants. With tougher matchups on the horizon, it’s going to be intriguing to see if they can uphold their momentum or if Purdy steps up his game even more!

Miami Dolphins:

After that whopping 70-point performance against the Broncos, they’ve got everyone’s attention. Without Jaylen Waddle and with the imminent return of defensive maestro Jalen Ramsey, they are striking fear with their staggering offensive stats, leading in total yards per game, passing, rushing—you name it! The upcoming face-off with the Bills is the real litmus test, it’s the game that will show if the Dolphins can uphold their frightening offensive form and if Tua Tagovailoa, the current MVP contender, can maintain his fitness and lead them perhaps, just perhaps, to a Super Bowl victory.


TIER 2: Super Bowl Hopefuls

Los Angeles Chargers:

We got a peek at the resilient side of the Chargers, clinching a nail-biter against the Vikings, and oh boy, was it a rollercoaster with Brandon Staley’s risky calls! Despite the close shave with losses and the palpable absence of Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler, they’ve shown they can still pull off a solid game, thanks to their high-caliber quarterback. However, the dwindling rush offense and the defense that’s struggling to live up to its potential have us all on the edge of our seats. They’re swimming against the current, but there’s still hope.

Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens, with their chaotic start and a string of sloppy plays, have left us all questioning their focus on the game! The air seems to be heavy with concern, especially with five pivotal starters missing in action and the running back position bearing the brunt of injuries—looks like we’re seeing a different face every game. The shocker against the Colts highlighted the cracks in the armor, with a struggling passing game that just couldn’t break through, even in favorable conditions. Facing Cleveland next, known for their defense, the Ravens are under the microscope, and the upcoming games are going to be crucial revealers of their true mettle!

Detroit Lions:

Despite being slammed with injuries and battling without three starting defensive backs and two linemen, the Lions roared louder, overshadowing the Falcons and outpacing them by almost 200 yards. The offense is running strong, marking scores over 20 in a dozen consecutive games since last season, although the rush could use a bit more fang. It’s a sight to behold, watching the defense dominate, especially when they crockpotted the undefeated Falcons, restricting them to a mere 2.8 yards per play. So, gear up as the Lions have Green Bay up next.

Green Bay Packers:

The Packers, despite missing the prowess of Jaire Alexander, David Bakhtiari, Aaron Jones, and Christian Watson, showcased remarkable resilience, claiming an 18-17 triumph over the Saints – a victory that speaks volumes given the absence of key players. Jordan Love, the young quarterback, showcased glimpses of brilliance reminiscent of Rodgers, with seven touchdowns and a single interception, yet his completion percentage lingers at a modest 53.1%, shadowed by the absence of Aaron Jones. However, the true valor emerged when Love, though shaky initially, pulled back with stunning precision in the fourth quarter against the Saints, leading the team to a captivating comeback. So, folks, with a shaky start but a promising spark, it seems the Packers are up for the game, eyeing to tighten their grip on the division this Thursday against the Lions in Green Bay!

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Kenny Pickett and the Steelers finally found some offensive rhythm against the Raiders, a relief after battling the formidable defenses of the 49ers and Browns in earlier weeks. It was no surprise considering the Raiders’ 31st rank in defensive EPA. The encounter allowed the Steelers to amass over 300 yards of offense and showcase an invigorated ground game with Najee Harris leading the charge. While Pickett didn’t dismantle the Raiders, and the offense remains under scrutiny, there’s a glimmer of hope as they move to 2-1, poised for the upcoming clash with the Texans.

Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys had an impressive scoring run before falling to Arizona, a loss amplified by the absence of key offensive linemen and perhaps a lingering complacency from their triumph over the Jets. The real eyebrow-raiser? Their red zone inefficiency. This team, so effective last season within the 20, is stuttering, struggling to find the same touchdown-producing rhythm. Perhaps it’s a mix of needing sharper execution from Dak Prescott, better scheming by Mike McCarthy, and receivers winning their battles. Granted, the Cardinals have displayed resilience this season, but the Cowboys’ offensive hiccup raises questions as they brace for upcoming matchups with formidable foes like the 49ers and Chargers. Dallas needs to recalibrate, and fast!

Cleveland Browns:

Oh, the Browns! The injury to Nick Chubb throws a spanner in the works, but the glimmer of hope arises if Deshaun Watson continues to perform as he did against the Titans! The defense, a symphony of crushing power, ranks No. 1 in EPA, with a pass rush that could very well be described as relentless. The real crux here is whether this indomitable defense and a revitalized Watson can propel the Browns through the playoffs and, perhaps, to glory. Keep your eyes peeled; the Browns might just be the dark horse this season!


TIER 3: In The Playoff Hunt

Jacksonville Jaguars:

The Jaguars, once brimming with playoff hopes, fell again to the Texans, echoing last year’s self-destructive pattern. Despite retaining most of last year’s starters and gaining talents like Calvin Ridley, the team’s currently dismal 29.7% third-down conversion rate seems to spell a narrative of decline from last year’s 42%. This unexpected underperformance and chaotic play, such as the bizarre happenings in the Texans game, sound alarm bells about their ability to contend this season. A wake-up call may be ringing for Jacksonville; the question is, can they answer it effectively and revitalize their season?

Seattle Seahawks:

Alright, let’s talk Seahawks. Their performance metrics in late 2022 were far from flattering, so the pounding they received from the Rams wasn’t a shocker. They’ve been dancing with luck, clinching wins against injury-ridden Lions and Panthers. It’s high time they up their game on third downs; lingering at a mediocre conversion rate is a game of old. But hope is in the air! The offense is igniting sparks, but, oh the defense, needs to buckle up! It’s a roller coaster with them, let’s see where the ride takes us next!

New Orleans Saints:

Before Derek Carr’s injury struck like lightning, the Saints were not exactly setting the scoreboard on fire at Lambeau. With the Packers being short on their key players, it’s nothing short of remarkable they bagged the win. Coach Dennis Allen is in introspection mode, acknowledging the dire need for better protection from the offensive line, which has let through 12 sacks this season. And oh, the drama of losing a 17-point lead late, it’s a theatre of unexpectedness! Carr’s injury is a blow, but Jameis Winston could be the man to keep the offense rolling, despite a few probable hiccups.

New England Patriots:

They’re bouncing back, displaying resilience against the Eagles and Dolphins, and teetering on the brink of 3-0, showcasing Belichick’s strategic prowess, especially against those bottom-10 quarterbacks. Tight end Pharaoh Brown’s spectacular 58-yard touchdown certainly stole the spotlight, but Belichick’s quest for more efficiency in deep balls is a melody in the background. They did clinch a victory against the Jets, but it didn’t dazzle the spectators – it was more of a grind with the defense holding the fort. As they brace for the cowboys, whispers of their close encounters with top-tier teams echo, leaving us pondering – are they slowly unraveling a masterpiece or is it a façade of fleeting brilliance?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Despite the wins, they’ve seemed to be dancing on thin ice, with the Eagles unveiling some of their vulnerabilities. Yet, the twist is, they might have stacked too many wins to snatch Caleb Williams. Moving the ball hasn’t been their Achilles heel, even with their struggling ground game, but the red zone seems to be their battlefield, a ground where victories seem sparse. The clash with the Eagles wasn’t their finest hour, with struggles evident on both ends of the field, and now, the impending face-off with the Saints and possibly Jameis Winston, a former Buc, is set to be a telling chapter in their journey. Baker Mayfield and the crew got a taste of stark reality against the Eagles, but the silver lining might be meeting the Saints sans Derek Carr.

Cincinnati Bengals:

Oh, the Bengals breathed life back into their season with a crucial win over the Rams, a testament to the strength of their defensive line. However, there’s a storm cloud hanging over Joe Burrow, appearing as a shadow of his formidable self. He’s battling, his vigor is commendable, but one can’t help but wonder, what if his full recovery needs the balm of rest? The offensive stats aren’t dazzling, with the spotlight on the sluggish first and second downs, a looming issue that could dictate their fate this season. The silver lining is the sprouting synergy between Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, an alliance the Bengals will need to lean on in the upcoming fixtures before they hit a much-needed bye in Week 7.

Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts are forging a path of triumphs, pulling off two consecutive wins, with their defense and running game stepping up to the spotlight. It’s impressive, especially considering the absence of Anthony Richardson for the last seven quarters—his return promises an elevated performance. They’ve been winning in smaller, tactical chunks, but for a true ascent, the need for explosiveness in their offense is crystal clear. With Gardner Minshew taking the reins and steering them to a win against the Ravens, this team is surfacing as a captivating watch. The imminent clash with the Rams is shaping up to be a crucial junction, a real litmus test for this evolving Colts side.

Atlanta Falcons:

The Falcons, oh, how they’ve made predictions seem quite the folly, posing the question—did Arthur Smith overlook Bijan Robinson’s caliber, sidelining the run game? The Falcons are caught in a dance of inconsistency, struggling to find their offensive rhythm early in games, leading to a high-pressure game in the second halves. They’ve managed to find the rhythm twice, but such a strategy lacks sustainability and demands better protection from the offensive line and more consistent performance from quarterback Desmond Ridder. Their loss to the Lions was a glaring exhibit of offensive absence, and now, a duel with a desperate Jacksonville team in London awaits. Is Ridder the key to turning the tables, to injecting life into this staggering offense? This remains the unsolved riddle in the Falcons’ unfolding saga.


TIER 4: Wide Range of Outcomes

Washington Commanders:

So the Commanders, seemingly on a royal stride with an undefeated record, faced a harsh reality check against the Bills, rendering their triumphant Denver exploit rather mundane. Their offensive line seemed to crumble, yielding nine sacks, and Sam Howell, well, he found himself embroiled in a storm, sacked a whopping 19 times, the zenith in the NFL. Observers from the Bills’ fortress pointed out Howell’s penchant for holding onto the ball a tad too long, but the issues run deeper. His protectors seem to be losing their shields, and the synchrony with his receivers is seemingly amiss, leaving him in vulnerable straits. Post this debacle, we’re left to ponder—are the Commanders truly the formidable fleet we envisioned, or was this loss to the Bills a mirror to their true countenance? With a venture to Philadelphia on the horizon, the journey doesn’t promise to be a smooth sail.

Denver Broncos:

How on earth did the formidable Denver defense crumble into this state, conceding a staggering seventy points—it’s almost a jest! Denver isn’t languishing at the base of the NFL, courtesy of their offensive flair, but oh, their defense—it’s a catastrophe! They are entangled in a messy turnover margin, a stark minus-5, linked to a lack of ball recoveries and unfortunate fumbles, notably by Courtland Sutton in the recent cataclysmic loss. Sean Payton, however, must straighten the sails, for their debacle against Miami appeared nothing less than a team in surrender. Denver may not be at the nadir thanks to the Bears, but when a team who shone in defense metrics now seemingly languishes, eyebrows raise and questions loom!

Houston Texans:

C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans, they’ve surprised us, haven’t they? In a league full of behemoths, it was the Texans who walked tall against the Jaguars, brushing aside the mistakes of their opponents, claiming a twenty-point victory. However, let’s not let the excitement overshadow the facts; they were outgained by the Jaguars, yet the synergy between Stroud and Tank Dell was noteworthy. Stroud, with his keen eye for talent, specifically requested Dell in the draft, showcasing a perceptiveness that could serve him well in a front-office role post his playing career. The Texans, with their struggling rushing attack and C.J. Stroud’s shining performances, are giving us both flashes of brilliance and areas longing for refinement. Keep an eye out; this team could bring more surprises as the season unfolds.

Tennessee Titans:

The Titans, a team renowned for their grit and strategy, are finding themselves amidst a tempest this season. Outgained 341-94 by the Browns, they seemed like shadows on the field, with Ryan Tannehill, their commander, struggling for breath and time against a relentless opposition. The echoes of Deshaun Watson’s 2020 brilliance resounded in the arena, highlighting the chinks in the Titans’ armor, primarily their secondary. Despite the well-honed coaching, the personnel seem to be trudging through quicksand, with an offensive line that seems more like a crumbling wall than a fortress. It’s a paradox of effective strategies shackled by ineffective execution, leaving fans and analysts pondering – can they resurge and claim their revered status back, or is the path ahead riddled with more shadows and defeats?

Los Angeles Rams:

The Rams, a team formerly symbolized by offensive grandeur, found themselves ensnared in a labyrinth of woes against the Bengals. The fortress around Matthew Stafford seemed to crumble, recalling the echoes of yesteryear’s porous pass protection, as he was sacked six times, a symphony of collapses that left fans cringing. Puzzlement fills the air, questions arise — why did the Rams abstain from unleashing their ground attack against a defense notorious for its vulnerabilities against the run? It’s a tale of great warriors hampered by strategy, or perhaps the absence of it, against a resurgent foe. The shadow of these battles looms; will the Rams reforge their sword and shield, returning stronger, or will the struggles continue to paint their journey in shades of despair?

Minnesota Vikings:

The Minnesota Vikings are facing a ton of pressure after starting the season with three losses. They’ve been making a lot of mistakes, like losing the ball, and their quarterback, Kirk Cousins, is rumored to be on the trading block because of the bad start. The team’s coach, Kevin O’Connell, is trying new things in practice to fix the issues, but it seems like the more they try, the worse it gets. With all the close losses and struggle, they need to find solutions fast, or rebuilding the team might be the next step. They’re hoping to turn things around in their upcoming game against Carolina.

New York Jets:

The New York Jets are stuck in a tough spot, with their offense, especially the offensive line, in shambles, making any hopes of playoff success seem like a distant dream. The current quarterback, Zach Wilson, is struggling, unable to lift the team’s spirits or performance, leading to whispers of a change. The team’s Coach, Robert Saleh, continues to support Wilson, but with each loss, the pressure mounts, and voices calling for alternatives like Tim Boyle grow louder. The big question is, do the Jets stick it out with Wilson, look for a veteran, or make a trade? They need to make a choice, and fast, to salvage what’s left of the season and keep the team united.


TIER 5: It Will Take a Miracle

Arizona Cardinals:

The Arizona Cardinals are turning heads with their performance, upsetting predictions that they were tanking this season. They’ve even managed to secure a win against the Cowboys and performed strongly in their other games, ranking them as the 13th best team in the NFL. The quarterback, Josh Dobbs, is showing he can be more effective than his predecessor, Colt McCoy. However, they have struggled in the second half of games, scoring less and moving the ball slower, so they’ll need to figure out how to maintain their early-game momentum if they want to keep exceeding expectations and secure more wins. If they continue to improve, especially when Kyler Murray returns, it’s going to be interesting to see just how far they can go this season.

New York Giants:

The Giants are having a tough time this season, struggling particularly on the offensive end. With key players like Andrew Thomas and Saquon Barkley out due to injuries, and the offensive line constantly changing and allowing pressure on Daniel Jones in nearly 40% of his dropbacks, they can’t seem to produce a consistent offense. The struggle was evident in their game against the 49ers, where they were outgained significantly and Jones couldn’t perform his best, completing only 22 of 32 passes. Given their ongoing issues and ranking 30th in yards per play, they are in dire need of an improvement to stand a chance in upcoming matchups, especially if Barkley continues to be unavailable.

Carolina Panthers:

The Panthers are in a tight spot, struggling both offensively and defensively. Their offense showed signs of improvement with Andy Dalton, but injuries to Frankie Luvu and Xavier Woods significantly impacted their defense’s performance, failing to hold positions and stop the Seahawks’ advances. Compounded by lackluster running game and frequent false starts, their struggles are apparent. It’s critical for the Panthers to address these issues, and the return of Luvu and Woods might offer some reprieve. The scenario with Bryce Young also needs attention; his absence in the Seahawks game left a mark, although Dalton managed decently. This rebuilding phase demands patience and strategic improvements, especially considering the early disappointments in defense and passing game.

Las Vegas Raiders:

The Raiders are grappling with evident issues, being 1-2 and not meeting the heightened expectations from the returning All-Pros like Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs, and a quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, more in sync with coach Josh McDaniels’ strategies. Their offense is in disarray, with Garoppolo leading in interceptions and Jacobs having a low average yard per carry. Despite Adams’ commendable performances, the team struggles to establish a winning culture, raising concerns and urgency to revamp their strategies early in the season. With a crucial division game against the Chargers looming, the pressure is mounting, especially with the possibility of Garoppolo being unavailable and the offense needing more contributors besides Adams. The questions surrounding McDaniels’ decisions and their one-point win over the Broncos underline the need for significant improvements.


TIER 6: Your QB Can’t Throw

Chicago Bears:

The Chicago Bears, currently entangled in both offensive and defensive turmoil, undeniably rank as the worst team in the NFL, showcasing deteriorating performance levels in every match. Their offensive struggles are amplified by a concoction of poor route running by the receivers, leading to spacing issues, dubious play-calling placing immense pressure on quarterback Justin Fields, and his subsequent struggles in the pocket. Fields, already amid a difficult stretch, exhibits the lowest QBR and yards per dropback, reflecting a clear regression in performance, while internal tensions rise as he publicly critiques the coaching staff. To add to the turmoil, the team faces speculations and rumors, including those surrounding the abrupt resignation of their defensive coordinator, leaving them in a crisis, struggling to score or defend, and a fostering atmosphere of discord and uncertainty.


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