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Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever

Based on Talent and Career Accomplishments

by Riley Baines
Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in NFL History - Peyton Manning, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever

When it comes to the NFL, is there any topic more hotly debated than who the greatest quarterbacks of all time are? With so many exceptional players who’ve graced the gridiron throughout the years, it’s a tough call to make. But hey, that’s what makes it such a fascinating conversation, right?

So, who exactly are the best NFL Quarterbacks ever? Which of these legendary figures stand out among the rest as the ultimate game-changers? And how do the best quarterbacks in history compare to each other? In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of the NFL’s most iconic QBs, revealing the top 10 greatest quarterbacks who’ve truly left their mark on the sport.

From record-breaking performances to unforgettable victories, we’ll be reminiscing about the careers of these legendary NFL quarterbacks and discussing why they’re considered the all-time best. So, grab your favorite game day snack, sit back, and let’s get this thrilling debate started!


Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever - #10 Patrick Mahomes

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever – #10 Patrick Mahomes

#10 – Patrick Mahomes

It’s only been five seasons as a starter for Patrick Mahomes, and I’m ready to claim him as one of the top 10 best Quarterbacks ever. It’s already clear that he is the most talented Quarterback of all-time and the 27 year old Quarterback will continue to rise on this list as he racks up the accolades.

He just earned his second Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP and did so in spectacular fashion. People were ready to write off the Chiefs with the departure of Tyreek Hill, but it’s clear Patrick Mahomes is the glue that holds this Chiefs team together. Andy Reid’s creativity can be on full display with a Quarterback as well rounded as Patrick Mahomes.

While he isn’t a run first Quarterback, when nothing is open, Mahomes has an amazing ability to extend plays or gain yards with his feet. Combine that with his cannon of an arm, and it’s an impossibility for defenses to contain him.

Again, while I consider him the most talented QB ever, I’m not ready to rank him higher on this list. As time progresses and he continues to light up the NFL, expect him to rise into the conversation as the best NFL Quarterback ever.

Season Record: 64-16
Playoff Record: 11-3

Stat Career Total
Completions 1,985
Attempts 2,993
Completion% 66.3
Passing Yards 24,241
Passing TDs 192
Interceptions 49
Passer Rating 105.7
Winning Drives 14
Rushing Yards 1,547
Rushing TDs 12


Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History - #9 John Elway

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History – #9 John Elway

#9 – John Elway

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about John Elway is that never-say-die attitude. Whether it was the last-minute comebacks or his ability to escape pressure, Elway always had something up his sleeve. And let’s not forget his incredible mobility. Even in his late-thirties he was making plays with his feet which helped put him in the conversation as one of the best running Quarterbacks in NFL history.

You can’t forget his iconic “helicopter” run in Super Bowl XXXII. He dove headfirst into a pile of defenders, spinning through the air like a helicopter just to get that first down. John Elway put everything on the line for his team to win.

But you know what really sets Elway apart from the pack? It’s his undeniable leadership and determination. He was the kind of quarterback who wouldn’t settle for anything less than victory. I’m sure you remember those back-to-back Super Bowl wins in ’97 and ’98, right? Absolutely legendary stuff.

So, yeah, when we’re talking about the top 10 best quarterbacks in NFL history, there’s no doubt that John Elway deserves a spot on that list. He’s the kind of player who truly left a lasting mark on the game, and his legacy will be remembered for generations to come.

Season Record: 148-82-1
Playoff Record: 14-7

Stat Career Total
Completions 4,123
Attempts 7,250
Completion% 56.9
Passing Yards 51,475
Passing TDs 300
Interceptions 226
Passer Rating 79.9
Winning Drives 46
Rushing Yards 3,407
Rushing TDs 33


Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History - #8 Brett Favre

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History – #8 Brett Favre

#8 – Brett Favre

Brett Favre, folks – now there’s a name that truly evokes the spirit of football. They called him the gunslinger and some nicknames write themselves.

Favre could sling the ball downfield like it was nothing, and he had a knack for making those impossible throws look easy. He lived or died by that code. That’s what made him so thrilling to watch – you never knew what he was going to do next! Blunders included.

You’ve got to admire the man’s unwavering dedication to the game. Favre’s consecutive regular-season game streak is the stuff of legends – a jaw-dropping 297 games without missing a game in an era when players were actually allowed hitting Quarterbacks. That kind of ironman status speaks volumes about his character and resilience.

The numbers don’t lie, either. Favre’s a three-time NFL MVP, a Super Bowl champ, and an 11-time Pro Bowler. At the time of his retirement, he held various records, such as career passing touchdowns and passing yards. While some of those have been surpassed, there’s no denying his immense contribution to the sport.

One memory that will forever be etched in our minds is Favre’s triumphant Super Bowl XXXI win. Who could forget the sight of him racing across the field, helmet held high, basking in the glory of victory? That moment captured the essence of football at its finest.

Season Record: 186-112
Playoff Record: 13-11

Stat Total
Completions 6,300
Attempts 10,169
Completion% 62.0
Passing Yards 71,838
Passing TDs 508
Interceptions 336
Passer Rating 86.0
Winning Drives 45
Rushing Yards 1,844
Rushing TDs 14


Top 10 Greatest Quarterbacks Ever - #7 Johnny Unitas

Top 10 Greatest Quarterbacks Ever – #7 Johnny Unitas

#7 – Johnny Unitas

Whenever the conversation turns to legendary quarterbacks who transcended their era, Unitas is undoubtedly one of the first names that comes to mind. And for good reason – the man was a true pioneer of the game, essentially inventing the Quarterback position.

Johnny Unitas was a three-time NFL MVP, and a Super Bowl champion. He was the first quarterback to reach 40,000 passing yards and held the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass for over half a century. That’s quite the legacy, wouldn’t you agree?

One moment that truly encapsulates Unitas’ greatness is his performance in the 1958 NFL Championship game, often referred to as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” He led the Colts to a thrilling overtime victory, showcasing his unwavering poise and clutch play under immense pressure. It was a defining moment in football history, and Unitas was the star at the center of it all.

You can’t just look at his career stats at face value. Context matters. It was a completely different era of football. Johnny Unitas walked so the Quarterbacks today could run. He was light years ahead of his time.

Season Record: 118-64-4
Playoff Record: 6-2

Stat Career Total
Completions 2,830
Attempts 5,186
Completion% 54.6
Passing Yards 40,239
Passing TDs 290
Interceptions 253
Passer Rating 78.2
Winning Drives 29
Rushing Yards 1,777
Rushing TDs 13


Top 10 Greatest Quarterbacks Ever - #6 Dan Marino

Top 10 Greatest Quarterbacks Ever – #6 Dan Marino

#6 – Dan Marino

Dan Marino – the greatest player to never win a Super Bowl. While many consider Super Bowl victories the ultimate Quarterback stat, an exception must be made for this man. And I can prove why.

Dan Marino broke the record for most passing yards in a season with 5,084. If you look at that list today, he is the only player in the top 35 on this list before the year 2000. He was doing things nobody had imagined possible before.

He possessed a lightning-quick release and uncanny precision that made him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Marino was a genuine artist of the gridiron, painting masterpieces with his passes.

One moment that perfectly captures Marino’s legendary status is the unforgettable “fake spike” play against the New York Jets in 1994. With the clock winding down, Marino coolly faked spiking the ball to stop the clock, only to toss a game-winning touchdown pass instead. It was a moment of sheer brilliance that showcased his cunning and football intelligence, leaving fans and opponents alike in stunned disbelief.

So, when we’re talking about the best quarterbacks to ever grace the gridiron, there’s no question that Dan Marino has earned his place among the legends. His extraordinary arm talent, relentless competitiveness, and innovative approach to the game left a lasting impact on the sport of football.

Season Record: 147-93
Playoff Record: 8-10

Stat Career Total
Completions 4,967
Attempts 8,358
Completion% 59.4
Passing Yards 61,361
Passing TDs 420
Interceptions 252
Passer Rating 86.4
Winning Drives 51
Rushing Yards 87
Rushing TDs 9


Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever - #5 Aaron Rodgers

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks Ever – #5 Aaron Rodgers

#5 – Aaron Rodgers

When you’re discussing signal-callers who can make the most improbable plays look routine, Rodgers is undoubtedly a standout. Whether it’s threading the needle between defenders or launching a Hail Mary that defies all logic, Rodgers is a maestro who can make magic happen when the ball is in his hands.

And let’s talk about his uncanny ability to extend plays. When the pocket collapses, Rodgers has that innate sense to elude defenders and create something out of nothing. It’s a skill that leaves fans on the edge of their seats, knowing that at any moment, he could pull off the extraordinary.

As for his accomplishments, Rodgers has an impressive résumé. He’s a three-time NFL MVP, and a Super Bowl champion. His career passer rating is the highest in NFL history, and he holds the record for the best touchdown-to-interception ratio. Not too shabby, right?

One of Rodgers’ most iconic moments has to be his performance in Super Bowl XLV. He put on a passing clinic against the Pittsburgh Steelers, throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, ultimately earning the Super Bowl MVP honors. It was a display of pure brilliance that solidified his status among the game’s elite.

Season Record: 147-75-1
Playoff Record: 11-10

Stat Career Total
Completions 5,001
Attempts 7,660
Completion% 65.3
Passing Yards 59,055
Passing TDs 475
Interceptions 105
Passer Rating 103.6
Winning Drives 31
Rushing Yards 3,466
Rushing TDs 35


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in NFL History - #4 Drew Bre

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in NFL History – #4 Drew Brees

#4 – Drew Brees

Drew Brees is the most accurate Quarterback in NFL history. Whether it’s delivering a pinpoint pass into tight coverage or methodically orchestrating a game-winning drive, he consistently displayed a level of mastery that few quarterbacks can match.

When it comes to accolades, Brees has quite the collection. He’s a one-time Super Bowl champion, a Super Bowl MVP, and held numerous records at the time of his retirement, including career passing yards, completion percentage and completions. It’s a legacy that speaks for itself.

One moment that truly defines Brees’ legendary status is his unforgettable performance in Super Bowl XLIV. With the weight of an entire city on his shoulders, Brees led the Saints to victory against the Indianapolis Colts, throwing for 288 yards and two touchdowns. It was a masterful display that not only earned him Super Bowl MVP honors but also helped lift the spirits of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. That triumph resonated far beyond the football field and cemented Brees’ place in the hearts of the Saints faithful.

While many argue that the poor Saints defenses he had over his career and home, dome games inflated his stats, that argument only goes so far. Drew Brees is on Mount Rushmore for Quarterbacks and the stats and accolades speak for themselves.

Season Record: 172-114
Playoff Record: 9-9

Stat Career Total
Completions 7,142
Attempts 10,551
Completion% 67.7
Passing Yards 80,358
Passing TDs 571
Interceptions 243
Passer Rating 98.7
Winning Drives 53
Rushing Yards 752
Rushing TDs 25


NFL Top 10 Best Quarterbacks of All-Time - #3 Joe Montana

NFL Top 10 Best Quarterbacks of All-Time – #3 Joe Montana

#3 – Joe Montana

They called him Joe Cool. When it came to crunch time and the biggest game possible, there is no Quarterback more successful than Joe Montana. He played in four Super Bowls and won all fout.

One moment that perfectly encapsulates Montana’s legendary status is “The Catch” in the 1981 NFC Championship Game. With time running out and the game on the line, Montana lofted a pass to Dwight Clark in the end zone, resulting in a touchdown that sent the 49ers to their first-ever Super Bowl. It was a play for the ages, showcasing Montana’s poise and skill under immense pressure.

While that is the most memorable, Joe Montana has many plays that cement his status as one of the greatest Quarterbacks ever. The 49ers were consistently the best team in the NFL with Joe Montana at the helm and he even continued that success for his short time with the Chiefs.

So, when it comes to the conversation about the all-time great quarterbacks, Joe Montana undoubtedly belongs in that exclusive club. His ice-cold demeanor, unrivaled leadership, and unwavering ability to perform in clutch situations made him the unanimous best Quarterback ever when he retired.

Season Record: 117-47
Playoff Record: 16-7

Stat Career Total
Completions 3,409
Attempts 5,391
Completion% 63.2
Passing Yards 40,551
Passing TDs 273
Interceptions 139
Passer Rating 92.3
Winning Drives 33
Rushing Yards 1,676
Rushing TDs 20


Top 10 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History - #2 Peyton Manning

Top 10 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History – #2 Peyton Manning

#2 – Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was a maestro. His ability to read defenses and make audibles at the line was something that completely changed the game of football. Hell, I’d be playing against the Colts CPU on Madden and Peyton Manning would take the clock nearly to 0. Annoying, yet effective. “The Sheriff” always seemed to be two steps ahead, outsmarting the competition.

And let’s talk about his work ethic for a second. Manning was famous for his incredible dedication to his craft, spending countless hours dissecting film and preparing for opponents. It’s that kind of commitment that really set him apart and earned him the respect of players and fans alike.

When it comes to what he achieved, well, Manning’s got quite the trophy case. He’s a two-time Super Bowl champ, a Super Bowl MVP, and get this – a five-time NFL MVP.

One moment that really captures Manning’s legendary status is his jaw-dropping performance during the 2013 season. The guy set NFL records for passing yards and passing touchdowns in a single season, leading the Broncos all the way to Super Bowl XLVIII. And while they didn’t come out on top in the big game, Manning’s record-shattering season remains a testament to his greatness.

It’s crazy to think that you could separate his time with the Colts and short time with the Broncos and they are both hall of fame careers. Peyton Manning was that dude.

Season Record: 186-79
Playoff Record: 14-13

Stat Career Total
Completions 6,125
Attempts 9,380
Completion% 65.3
Passing Yards 71,940
Passing TDs 539
Interceptions 251
Passer Rating 96.5
Winning Drives 56
Rushing Yards 667
Rushing TDs 18


Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History - #1 Tom Brady

Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History – #1 Tom Brady

#1 – Tom Brady

For many of my top 10 lists for all-time NFL players at each position, there can be an argument made for multiple players being first on the list. When asking who is the best Quarterback in NFL history, there is only one answer. Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the best NFL quarterback ever and you can’t argue otherwise.

His determination, poise, and downright refusal to back down from a challenge are what make him a once-in-a-generation talent. Whether he’s orchestrating a seemingly impossible comeback or firing a laser-guided pass into the end zone, “The G.O.A.T.” always seems to find a way to get the job done.

And let’s chat about his leadership for a moment. Brady is the kind of quarterback who makes everyone around him better, instilling confidence and trust in his teammates. It’s that intangible quality that elevates him from being just a great player to a true legend of the game.

When it comes to his accomplishments, well, the man’s trophy case is bursting at the seams. He’s a seven-time Super Bowl champion, a five-time Super Bowl MVP, and a three-time NFL MVP.

One moment that perfectly encapsulates Brady’s legendary status is his performance in Super Bowl LI. Down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons, he orchestrated the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, leading the Patriots to an unforgettable overtime victory and making for one of the best Super Bowls ever.

The argument against Tom Brady was the fact that Bill Belichick made his career. That argument is no more. When Tom Brady joined the Bucs, he won a Super Bowl in his first season closing the book for any argument against him.

While he may not be the most talented Quarterback ever, he is most certainly the greatest. All this man does is finding ways to win. In the words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game”. That was Tom Brady.

Season Record: 251-82
Playoff Record: 35-13

Stat Career Total
Completions 7,753
Attempts 12,050
Completion% 64.3
Passing Yards 89,214
Passing TDs 649
Interceptions 212
Passer Rating 97.2
Winning Drives 58
Rushing Yards 1,123
Rushing TDs 28

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1.) Tom Brady
2.) Joe Montana
3.) Peyton Manning
4.) Johnny Unitas
5.) Aaron Rodgers

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