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Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24

2023 NFL Rankings

by Riley Baines
Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24

In the electrifying world of football, the quarterback position stands as the pinnacle of attention, scrutiny, and adoration. From casual gatherings to digital debates, the discourse about who tops the list of today’s best NFL quarterbacks is relentless. It’s more than just arm strength or agility—it’s about leadership, vision, and game-altering decisions in the clutch moments. These are the best Quarterbacks in the NFL today going into the 2023-24 season.

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - Honorable Mention Deshaun Watson

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – Honorable Mention Deshaun Watson

Honorable Mention – Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson’s undeniable talent would usually secure him a top spot among NFL QBs. However, after a near two-year hiatus from the field, Watson’s stint with the Browns has been marked by obvious rust and inconsistency. Numerous factors could have contributed: personal issues, adapting to a new gameplan, or sheer lack of practice. The mere six starts we saw in the previous season were far from the Watson we remember, making 2023 a critical year for his comeback.

Ranking Watson is a complex task. His performance range is among the most unpredictable in the league. His 2022 PFF grade plummeted to 55.3 post-suspension, a stark contrast from his impressive 92.5 with Houston in 2020. Predicting his 2023 form is pure speculation.

Not long ago, Watson was contending for a top-tier spot. Now, given recent turns in his career and a whopping $230 million deal with the Browns, both his capabilities and the team’s investment are under scrutiny. Watson’s re-entry in Week 12 showed expected signs of rust, but his performance remained subpar, even considering the anticipated rust.

Despite these setbacks, Watson’s inherent talent remains. If he regains form, he could steer the Browns back into contention in the AFC.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #10 Dak Prescott

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #10 Dak Prescott

#10 – Dak Prescott

When it comes to football, Dak Prescott’s journey is like a rollercoaster—full of thrilling highs and unnerving lows. Against Minnesota, he was on fire with an 88% completion rate. Remember when the Cowboys steamrolled with 52 points against the Colts? That was vintage Prescott. Yet, he’s had slip-ups, throwing 11 interceptions in seven games—a stat hard to ignore. Mike McCarthy, as the new play-caller, faces the hefty task of steadying this ride.

His 2-4 postseason record might remind some of Kirk Cousins, and it’s hard to miss Prescott’s sensitivity to his supporting crew’s shifts. An interesting stat from PFF: his grade swings from 71.8 to 85.2, often linked to his teammates’ form. His health? A concern, missing 17 games since 2020, and let’s not forget leading the NFL with 15 interceptions in just 12 appearances last season.

But write off Prescott at your own peril. Flashback to 2021, and you’ve got a QB with 4,449 yards and 37 touchdowns. 2019? A whopping 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns. If that Prescott shows up, Dallas isn’t just playoff-bound—they’re Super Bowl contenders.

In the end, we’re left wondering: which Prescott will Dallas get this year? If history’s any indication, and I’ve seen many a game, it’s going to be one heck of a ride. Hang tight, Cowboys fans.

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #9 Kirk Cousins

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #9 Kirk Cousins

#9 – Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is an enigma wrapped in the cold embrace of Minnesota’s winters. Under Kevin O’Connell’s new scheme in 2022, Cousins found a rhythm with Justin Jefferson, who scooped up nearly 40% of Cousins’ throws. Their partnership was nothing short of electric. And who can forget Cousins’ lead in the largest comeback in NFL history? Yet, despite these heroics, the coveted postseason victory remained tantalizingly out of reach. What compounds this narrative is Cousins’ battle against injury, which plagued most of his last season, casting a shadow over his performance.

Mention Cousins among top QBs, and you might hear scoffs, primarily due to his scanty playoff successes: a singular win in eight years as a regular starter. Critics have a field day dissecting his inconsistent performances, putting his future with the Vikings under the microscope. But looking past the naysayers, Cousins’ resilience, especially when one factors in his recent injury woes, is commendable. His accuracy and commitment can’t be doubted, even if he’s not the most agile QB on the block.

Pro Football Focus stats tell a tale: Cousins consistently pulls off a passing grade north of 77.7 every season he’s been in Minnesota. The guy can throw with precision, and those game-defining moments? He’s got them in his playbook. But there’s a lingering feeling he lacks that elusive magic that separates great QBs from legends.

Last season’s 13-4 record for the Vikings paints an impressive picture, but delve deeper, and Cousins’ efficiency challenges, aggravated by his injuries, become evident. The offense had its moments of brilliance, followed by puzzling lulls. But with talent like T.J. Hockenson and newcomer Jordan Addison on the roster, expectations are high.

In the heart of Minnesota, Kirk Cousins stands at a juncture. The QB, who’s shown he can shine and falter, now has another challenge: to rise from the trials of last season and, perhaps, lead the Vikings to the promised land.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #8 Trevor Lawrence

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #8 Trevor Lawrence

#8 – Trevor Lawrence

At just 23, Trevor Lawrence’s trajectory in the NFL is turning heads. After a challenging rookie season, Lawrence roared into 2022, showing signs of why he was a No. 1 overall draft pick. His growth was undeniable, boasting a completion rate of 76.8% between Weeks 9-12. Who could forget his stirring comeback win against Baltimore? Arguably his finest hour, it showcased a player on the cusp of greatness. Lawrence’s commitment to growth means every game is a lesson, and with increased consistency, the ‘elite’ tag may soon be irrefutably his.

Lawrence’s rookie journey under Urban Meyer was turbulent, to put it mildly. However, with Doug Pederson taking charge, there was an undeniable transformation. In his sophomore year, Lawrence’s stats impressively stacked up to 4,113 yards and 25 touchdowns, with a mere eight interceptions. Not to mention, he steered the Jaguars to the AFC South title. With the acquisition of elite receiver Calvin Ridley, Jacksonville’s offensive prowess is poised to soar further, possibly cementing Lawrence’s spot in the Pro Bowl and enhancing his case in the top-tier QB debate.

Analyzing Pro Football Focus grades, only giants like Burrow and Mahomes outshone Lawrence post Week 9, shedding light on his rapid ascent. Labelled a ‘generational talent’ during the draft, 2022 was the year he began living up to that immense hype. The Jaguars, recognizing this goldmine, have continued beefing up their offensive arsenal this offseason.

Lawrence’s brilliance isn’t just in his arm but in his astute pocket presence. His ability to make minute adjustments, even when under pressure, is a testament to his caliber. With Ridley now part of the equation, Pederson holds what some might dub an ‘offensive cheat code’. Looking ahead to the 2023 NFL season, anticipation is sky-high for Lawrence to break into the top-five QB echelon. And while there’s grace if he doesn’t immediately, given the sheer talent and promise he’s displayed, anything less would be a touch underwhelming. The stage is set for Trevor Lawrence to solidify his legacy. Jacksonville waits with bated breath.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - Honorable Mention Matthew Stafford

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – Honorable Mention Matthew Stafford

Honorable Mention – Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford, once celebrated for his powerful throws and incredible stamina, witnessed the pinnacle of success leading the Los Angeles Rams to a memorable Super Bowl victory. His synergy with Cooper Kupp was the talk of the town, and under the guidance of Sean McVay, Stafford seemed poised to redefine quarterback excellence.

However, the narrative took a sharp turn in 2022. From the staggering high of 50 touchdowns in the championship season, Stafford’s production plummeted to a mere 10 touchdowns across nine games. Many began to wonder: was Stafford’s arm, which once was his most lethal asset, beginning to show signs of wear and tear? Or was it the mental strain from the previous season’s extensive 741 pass attempts?

Concussions further complicated matters, pulling him out from crucial games and raising concerns about his long-term health on the field. With the Rams’ roster no longer reflecting its Super Bowl-winning glory and age no longer on Stafford’s side, questions loom large.

But hope springs eternal. The upcoming 2023 season holds promise. With a potentially restored Stafford and Kupp duo, the Rams may recapture their previous magic. All eyes will be on Stafford to see if he can defy critics, overcome physical challenges, and once again stand tall as one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #7 Lamar Jackson

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #7 Lamar Jackson

#7 – Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson, often dubbed the NFL’s electrifying enigma, oscillates between jaw-dropping brilliance and moments of unforeseen vulnerability. One of the league’s premier running quarterbacks, 2022 saw him blazing through defenses until a Week 13 injury momentarily grounded this high-flying Raven. As a passer, though his accuracy saw a dip, he remained the beating heart of Baltimore’s offense. With Mark Andrews contending with injuries, Jackson’s value was felt more than ever. While his 2022 campaign didn’t echo his past MVP heights, 2023 brings with it a renewed promise.

After locking down a lucrative deal with the Ravens, the weight of expectations rests heavily on Jackson’s nimble shoulders. He’s a dynamo on the run, blending slippery moves with dizzying speed. Yet, questions about his passing efficiency and recent injury history persist. However, with fresh weapons in Odell Beckham Jr. and first-rounder Zay Flowers, alongside a new playbook from coordinator Todd Monken, the stage is set for Jackson to redefine his narrative.

Despite never boasting a 4,000-yard passing season, Jackson’s raw talent is undeniable. A former unanimous MVP, his game-breaking potential remains the envy of the league. If the Beckham-Flowers duo clicks, and provided Jackson remains fit, Baltimore could witness an offensive explosion reminiscent of their 2019 heyday.

The transition from Greg Roman’s tailored system to Monken’s more conventional approach will be pivotal for Jackson. His adaptability and response this season will likely influence his standing among quarterback elites. It’s essential to note the volatility in ranking Jackson; placing him at the top or bottom of this tier is equally justified. He’s the league’s toughest quarterback to tackle, a testament to his unparalleled athleticism.

The Ravens, historically plagued by injuries, especially feel Jackson’s absence during crucial junctures. But with an enhanced arsenal, Monken’s tight-end-centric approach, and a driven running back unit, Baltimore aspires to replicate the mesmerizing efficiency of Jackson’s MVP-winning season. This year could very well mark the resurgence of Lamar Jackson, a player whose prowess remains as unpredictable as it is exhilarating.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #6 Aaron Rodgers

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #6 Aaron Rodgers

#6 – Aaron Rodgers

The backdrop of New York awaits a saga — Aaron Rodgers, the prodigious quarterback, once the darling of MVP seasons, now faces daunting questions. After a tumultuous 2022 with the Packers, marked by miscommunications with his receivers and a disturbing dip in his passing yardage, the 39-year-old’s legacy seemed on shaky ground. But the echoes of Tom Brady’s late-career renaissance ring loudly, fostering hopes that the Big Apple may just witness Rodgers 2.0.

At 39, Rodgers could be on the twilight trajectory of his stellar career. However, he’s no ordinary veteran. Two MVP titles in the last three seasons cast a formidable shadow. His underwhelming performance last year, devoid of a single 300-yard game, might have been an outlier rather than the norm. The Jets, oozing with talent in the form of Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, and rising star Breece Hall, provide an ensemble perfectly tailored for Rodgers’ renaissance.

The QB, known for his breathtakingly fluid throws, seemingly defied physics and conventional wisdom time and again. But the painful departure of his key receiver, Davante Adams, was a gaping wound in Rodgers’ 2022 play. Not every quarterback can convert raw talent into scintillating plays without the right pieces around them. And Rodgers, with his obsessive aversion to turnovers, often appeared excessively cautious, resulting in missed opportunities.

In New York, Rodgers will find a familiar face in coach Nathaniel Hackett, potentially smoothing the transition. Armed with a playbook he’s well-versed in, a competitive roster, and arguably a chip on his shoulder, we anticipate Rodgers to recalibrate, aiming for the zenith once more. After all, age is just a number; it’s the fire within that dictates greatness. And Rodgers, even at 39, has embers waiting to ignite.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #5 Jalen Hurts

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #5 Jalen Hurts

#5 – Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts’ narrative is the quintessential tale of the underdog. Many second-round picks battle to earn their starting role in the NFL, but not all of them end up as MVP candidates. Hurts, coming from an illustrious stint with Alabama, entered the Eagles’ roster as a promising prospect, but few could’ve predicted that he would soar to the zenith of NFL’s quarterback echelons in just his third year.

Drawing parallels with Lamar Jackson’s MVP year in 2019, Hurts was setting the 2022 NFL season ablaze. But unlike Jackson, he took it a step further by guiding his team to the Super Bowl. While his injury doused his MVP aspirations, leading the Eagles to football’s grandest stage in his second full season was a statement few could ignore.

Compact yet combative, Hurts might not match up to Josh Allen’s towering stature, but he certainly matches his dynamism. His physicality as a ball-carrier and improved downfield vision showcase a maturity beyond his years. The addition of targets like A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith has further emboldened his passing game. The Super Bowl showcased his resilience; a man who, despite setbacks, rose to command the game with stunning numbers.

But what truly sets Hurts apart is his intangible quality: leadership. He infuses a sense of calm, an unwavering determination that permeates throughout the Eagles’ roster. This steadiness is not just an on-field phenomenon, it’s felt throughout the organization.

Detractors often point to his heavy reliance on his legs, but such arguments diminish the evolution he’s showcased as a passer. By no means is he the most polished thrower in the league, but his growth trajectory has been stellar. He’s become more adept at handling the deep ball, and his apprehensions in mid-field attacks have diminished. Add to that his undeniable prowess as a runner, and you have a quarterback that keeps defensive coordinators up at night.

Jalen Hurts is the embodiment of perseverance, a testament to the fact that with determination, growth is not just possible, but inevitable. The Eagles have a gem on their hands, and if his past is anything to go by, the sky’s the limit for this burgeoning star.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - Honorable Mention Tua Tagovailoa

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – Honorable Mention Tua Tagovailoa

Honorable Mention – Tua Tagovailoa

In 2022, Tua Tagovailoa emerged as an electric presence for the Miami Dolphins, particularly under the guidance of Mike McDaniel. He demonstrated a synergy with standout receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, posting an impressive 8.9 yards per attempt. This stat alone showcased his progression, especially in deep-ball scenarios.

However, this rise came with its share of worries. A series of concussions cast shadows over his continued availability, highlighting the issue of his durability in the high-stakes world of the NFL. Furthermore, while Tua’s bold deeper throws exhibited his evolving capabilities, they also brought forth challenges. These riskier plays, while reflective of a playmaker’s spirit, occasionally veered into the territory of potential turnovers.

As we gear up for the 2023 season, the overarching question lingers: Can Tua consistently maintain his 2022 form without succumbing to injuries? The aspirations of the Dolphins, and their faithful fans, are deeply intertwined with Tua’s performance and resilience.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #4 Justin Herbert

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #4 Justin Herbert

#4 – Justin Herbert

The Chargers have an undeniable gem in Justin Herbert, whose prodigious arm talent has drawn parallels with Josh Allen. His ability to throw piercing lasers over the middle is reminiscent of his days at Oregon, showcasing potential that could be fully realized under Kellen Moore, the Chargers’ new offensive coordinator.

Herbert’s keen understanding of both pre- and post-snap scenarios makes him an apt fit for Moore’s strategies. If he taps more into his leg potential, the Chargers’ offense could truly soar. However, there’s an asterisk. Herbert’s previous season, marred by a rib injury, yielded only 6.8 yards per attempt, landing him eighth in PFF’s passing grade. To ascend in rankings and meet the expectations set by his rookie season, he needs to make bigger plays and garner more wins.

Stats speak volumes: 94 touchdowns against 35 interceptions before the age of 25. Yet, a laser arm and an elite build (6-6, 236) aren’t enough. Herbert’s true test lies in handling pivotal moments, like avoiding repeat debacles akin to their wild-card round loss against the Jaguars. The NFL’s leading player in 50+ yard completions since 2020, Herbert is a constant deep-threat, a testament to his skill set.

But stats and potential are just part of the story. To truly prove himself, Herbert needs to transform the Chargers from mere contenders to champions. The stage is set for Herbert, with Quentin Johnston partnering with established names like Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. The challenge? Turning L.A.’s bright future into a dazzling present.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #3 Joe Burrow

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #3 Joe Burrow

#3 – Joe Burrow

Amidst an inconsistent offensive line and the absence of his top receiver, Ja’Marr Chase, for a stretch, Burrow demonstrated unwavering resilience, steering the Bengals to two successive AFC Championship runs. While the former LSU standout’s calf injury might pose an initial hurdle, expectations remain high for his performance this season.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Burrow may not be the most athletic on the field, but what he lacks in agility, he compensates with astute game sense. His uncanny ability to intuitively read plays, couple it with precise passing, and confidently own the pocket makes him an invaluable asset. His swagger, both on and off the field, is simply the icing on the cake. While he may occasionally falter, he’s proved his mettle with two AFC title-game appearances in just three seasons.

Over the past two years, Burrow has notched up an impressive 9,086 yards with 69 touchdowns. His impeccable accuracy, resilience against an often-faltering offensive line, and consistent clutch performances set him apart as a football luminary. Statistics back his prowess: he’s led the league in PFF passing grade for two successive seasons and boasts a 77.1% adjusted completion rate.

Adapting to the team’s dynamic, Burrow has displayed a commendable ability to work seamlessly even when the Bengals’ pass-blocking scheme crumbles. While there are moments of pressure-induced hiccups, Burrow’s improvement in handling quick game situations has elevated the Bengals’ offense.

Burrow’s cognitive sharpness in the game has evolved, enabling a more consistent and efficient offensive strategy. It’s this very trait that places him amongst the top tier of quarterbacks, validating his No. 2 rank.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #2 Josh Allen

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #2 Josh Allen

#2 – Josh Allen

Despite some red-zone interceptions causing a slight dip in our NFL QB rankings, Josh Allen remains an indisputable force to be reckoned with. Balancing impeccable rushing prowess with his throwing abilities, Allen epitomizes the versatility of modern quarterbacks. Although his decisions at times invite scrutiny, his exceptional skillset, supplemented by new recruit Dalton Kincaid, heralds another thrilling season.

Allen’s resilience and winning record, standing at 47-18 over four seasons, are testament to his capabilities. He’s a potent cocktail of raw power and daredevilry, both as a rusher and as a quarterback unafraid of making audacious passes. While turnovers have sometimes marred his game since 2019, the sheer excitement he brings to the field is unrivaled, barring perhaps Mahomes. His postseason figures are admirable, boasting 17 TDs against a mere four interceptions.

The previous season witnessed the Bills bearing the weight of high expectations, only to face a premature playoff exit. The onus was largely on Allen, whose red zone turnovers were a frequent point of contention. His subsequent seasons’ figures closely mirrored each other. However, as Buffalo grapples with cap hits stemming from Allen’s deal, the need for a more calculated yet dual threat approach from him intensifies. With 5,045 total yards and 42 touchdowns under his belt last season, Allen solidifies his position among the top league quarterbacks.

Comparing Allen with the likes of Mahomes and Burrow, it’s his versatile attacking strategy that sets him apart. While all three showcase elite gameplays, it’s Allen’s multifaceted approach that becomes the game-changer in critical moments. Burrow, despite his prowess, lacks this multidimensional edge.

While Allen’s unparalleled physical might still reigns supreme in the QB world, he faces competition from emerging talents like Anthony Richardson. Yet, Allen’s sheer physicality and rushing finesse continue to be a nightmare for defenses, differentiating him from Burrow. Nonetheless, consistency remains a concern. Allen’s self-admitted need for a more protective playing style echoes the tales of talented predecessors like Cam Newton, who witnessed career declines due to injuries. For Allen, the message is clear: adapt and thrive, or risk fading away.


Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 - #1 Patrick Mahomes

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 – #1 Patrick Mahomes

#1 – Patrick Mahomes

The pinnacle of NFL QB rankings is none other than Patrick Mahomes. With a flair for the dramatic and unparalleled vision on the field, Mahomes’ performances redefine what we expect from a top-tier quarterback. Even if his game doesn’t echo the classic Air Jordan flair, he weaves magic that captivates football enthusiasts week after week. While he may not have overtaken the legendary Drew Brees’ single-season passing yardage record, his capacity to challenge it, combined with two MVP titles and two Super Bowl victories, cements his place atop the quarterback pantheon.

Mahomes is the quintessential fusion of raw talent and game intellect. His unique freestyle approach may occasionally leave room for interceptions, but the scales tip overwhelmingly in favor of his genius plays that often render opponents helpless. Amassing a remarkable 64-16 record under Andy Reid’s innovative offensive strategies, Mahomes, at just 27, boasts a playoff record and accolades that already earmark him for the Hall of Fame. While he’s adept at scrambling, it’s his iconic arm angles and the penchant for making crucial plays during high-stake moments that make him a sensation. He isn’t just a player for the Chiefs’ fandom; he’s a spectacle for the entire football universe.

Comparisons with legends like Joe Montana and Tom Brady, who have similar accolades, speak volumes about Mahomes’ caliber. Despite being just half a decade into his NFL journey, his achievements rival those of players with far longer careers. With aspirations of emulating Brady’s back-to-back championships and an eye on a fourth Super Bowl appearance in six years, Mahomes isn’t just following in the footsteps of greats – he’s forging his own legendary path.

In today’s NFL, Mahomes sets the bar. As iconic names like Manning and Brady fade into history, he stands as the contemporary measuring stick, continually pushing the boundaries of quarterbacking artistry. His status as the best isn’t merely a byproduct of his highlight-reel moments or off-script plays. It’s his unparalleled field vision, the innate comprehension of space and time amidst chaos, and the capability to exploit windows that most wouldn’t even recognize. Mahomes isn’t just another talented QB; he’s a paradigm-shifting maestro redefining the quarterback role for generations to come.


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