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Re-Drafting the 2013 NFL Draft – Worst QB Class Ever?

by Riley Baines
2013 NFL Draft

Re-Drafting the 2013 NFL Draft

Just take a moment to digest this draft. EJ Manuel was the best QB prospect of the draft and fell all the way until pick 16. This class was madness. This was not only the worst QB draft class ever, but potentially the worst draft class ever. That being said, as per usual there were some gems that came out of it that I’d love to talk about.

Follow along as I talk about some of the biggest NFL draft steals and biggest NFL draft busts. This is the re-drafting of the 2013 NFL Draft.


1. Kansas City Chiefs – David Bakhtiari, T

Original Pick: Eric Fisher, T

To me this is clearly the best 1st overall selection of the draft. If you can’t check off the box of a franchise Quarterback, Left Tackle is the next best option. Even after an injury plagued 2021 season, it’s clear Bakhtiari has cemented himself as one of the leagues best offensive tackle.


2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Eric Fisher, T

Original Pick: Luke Joeckel, T

This is a tough one. There are better players than Eric Fisher on the board, but I’m addressing a need. The Jaguars were desperate for a Left Tackle, and Eric Fisher fills that need. Fisher has spent every single season with the Chiefs while very rarely missing games. If only the Jaguars were so lucky because Luke Joeckel was a bum.


3. Miami Dolphins – Travis Kelce, TE

Original Pick: Dion Jordan, DE

I shouldn’t have called Luke Joeckel a bum because Dion Jordan ended up being one of the biggest draft busts of the past decade. His final season with the Dolphins was him suspended for the entire season for violating the PED policy.  Travis Kelce on the other hand became the best Tight End in the NFL. I’m not sure how much he would have like Ryan Tannehill as a Quarterback though.


4. Philadelphia Eagles – Lane Johnson, T

Original Pick: Lane Johnson, T

This is another case of Lane Johnson not necessarily being the “best player available”, but he is a pick the Eagles have not regretted at all. He continues to play at a high level for the Eagles even scoring his first career touchdown this year.



5. Detroit Lions – DeAndre Hopkins, WR

Original Pick: Ezekiel Ansah, DE

The Lions were actually a 7-9 team this year. They had Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson and could have had DeAndre Hopkins as well. Jump balls and hail mary’s every play. Instead they drafted Ezekiel Ansah who had his moments, but had injuries derail his career.

6. Cleveland Brown – Sheldon Richardson, DT

Original Pick: Barkeveous Mingo, LB

What a year for the Browns. Josh Gordon had 1646 receiving yards in only 14 games and they finished the year 4-12. The reality is it was going to take them more than a year to rebuild their team. Defensive tackles rarely get love unless they are Aaron Donald level, but Sheldon Richardson continues to be reliable up front today and won Defensive Rookie of the Year. Meanwhile Barkeveous Mingo is already out of the NFL.


7. Arizona Cardinals – Travis Frederick, C

Original Pick: Jonathan Cooper, G

It’s painful to look back at this. This Cardinals team was filled with talent both offensively and defensively. They finished 10-6 and just missed the playoffs. Meanwhile an 8-7-1 Packers team squeaked in. They had the right idea filling a need at offensive line with Frederick being the better option. His career ended early, but he was an elite caliber player over that time.


8. St. Louis Rams – Keenan Allen, WR

Original Pick: Tavon Austin, WR

The Rams went with the Al Davis approach on this one. Instead of going with the best player available, they went with the fastest player available. Keenan Allen is still an elite wide receiver while Tavon Austin is having his career die out with the Jaguars as he approaches his mid-thirties.


9. New York Jets – Darius Slay, CB

Original Pick: Dee Milliner, CB

The Jets are gonna do Jet things. I just counted Darius Slay on my list of best Cornerbacks this season, meanwhile Dee Milliner was out of the NFL after only 3 seasons. I’d say Slay lucked out, but he ended up being drafted by the Lions.


10. Tennessee Titans – Tyrann Mathieu, S

Original Pick: Chance Warmack, G

Do you remember the starting QB for the 2013 Titans was? It was none other than Ryan Fitzpatrick – he hadn’t earned Fitzmagic yet. This was a weird Titans team that had some ageing players nearing their end. Tyrann Mathieu would have been a weapon for this defense while learning from Bernard Pollard and Michael Griffin.

11. San Diego Chargers – Terron Armstead, T

Original Pick: Chance Warmack, G

Chance Warmack only spent 3 seasons as a starter. Terron Armstead became a second team all-pro by the time Warmack was out of the NFL. The Chargers would gladly rob the Saints of their stud offensive tackle to protect the ageing Philip Rivers.


12. Oakland Raiders – Xavier Rhodes, CB

Original Pick: D.J. Hayden, CB

There was a time when many were regarding Xavier Rhodes as the best Cornerback in the NFL. It was short-lived, but Rhodes has had an impressive career nonetheless. The same can’t be said for D.J. Hayden who only spent two seasons as a starter.

13. New York Jets – Jamie Collins, LB

Original Pick: Sheldon Richardson, DT

Sheldon Richardson was not a happy camper in New York. Maybe Jamie Collins would have been? I mean, the Jets would have probably ruined it. Then again in this scenario they drafted Darius Slay at 9th overall and now Jamie Collins at 13th overall.


14. Carolina Panthers – Star Lotulelei, DT

Original Pick: Star Lotulelei, DT

While he left the Panthers after 5 seasons, he was great over that time. Not only that, he is still making an impact for the Bills today. This was not a mistake by the Panthers. He has always been reliable up front including his first season in which he was 4th in the Rookie of the year voting.


15. New Orleans Saints – Micah Hyde, S

Original Pick: Kenny Vaccaro, S

On one side Kenny Vaccaro looked good early, but isn’t even playing today. On the other side Micah Hyde was a late bloomer, but was playing at an all-pro level this season at 31 years old. Knowing all the drama that has surrounded the Saints and their safety play, Micah Hyde could have been their savior.


16. Buffalo Bills – Jordan Poyer, S

Original Pick: EJ Manuel, QB

No wonder it took until the 16th pick for a Quarterback to be chosen. EJ Manuel looked like a value. Laughable. Meanwhile the Bills would be happy to get one of their star Safeties of today early in their career. Since I have Micah Hyde going one pick before, Poyer is the guy.


17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Alec Ogletree, LB

Original Pick: Jarvis Jones, LB

It was 6th round pick Vince Williams that ended up being a tremendous value for the Steelers. Jarvis Jones on the other hand was a massive bust. Alec Ogletree could have been better than both of them on this Pittsburgh Steelers defense known for molding legendary linebackers.


18. San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Williams, DT

Original Pick: Eric Reid, S

Eric Reid was actually a solid first round pick, but let’s get greedy. Defensive Tackles are never the sexy pick, but the 49ers could have used this wall up front. They were a 12-4 team and he would have been an immediate impact maker up front. He would have been playing inside alongside Justin Smith, Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman who are all legends at their position.


19. New York Giants – Justin Pugh, T

Original Pick: Justin Pugh, T

We know the Giants for being legendarily bad at filling their offensive line, but this was actually a good pick by them. Justin Pugh was a reliable starter for 5 seasons and they should have re-signed him. Instead he ended up playing his best football for the Cardinals.

20. Chicago Bears – Kyle Long, G

Original Pick: Kyle Long, G

This may seem like another cop out, but Kyle Long was really, really good for the Bears. This fan favorite was nominated to the pro-bowl in his first 3 seasons. He retired early, but no Bears fan regrets his time with the team.


21. Cincinatti Bengals – Zach Ertz, TE

Original Pick: Tyler Eifert, TE

It’s crazy to look back in 2015 when Eifert had 13 touchdown catches on only 600 yards. He never had a season close to that before or after. Zach Ertz on the other hand developed into one of the best pass catching Tight Ends ever. The Bengals were actually 11-5 at this time too.

22. Atlanta Falcons – Desmond Trufant, CB

Original Pick: Desmond Trufant, CB

This is not another cop out answer. Desmond Trufant was a reliable starter for the Falcons over 7 seasons. He is a rotational player today, but it’s extremely rare for a Cornerback to be highly effective in their thirties.


23. Minnesota Vikings – Robert Woods, WR

Original Pick: Sharrif Floyd, DT

Sharrif Floyd was on the Vikings for four seasons before never playing in the NFL again. Robert Woods was never overly effective with the Bills, but extremely effective later in his career with the Rams. Instead of drafting Cordarrelle Patterson later in the first, Bob Woods is the guy.


24. Indianapolis Colts – Jonathan Hankins, DT

Original Pick: Bjoern Werner, DE

What do you know? Another first round bust. Bjoern Werner played three seasons with the Colts before never playing an NFL snap again. Jonathan Hankins on the other hand has now been a starter for eight straight seasons.


25. Minnesota Vikings – Kawann Short, DT

Original Pick: Xavier Rhodes, CB

The Vikings would have gladly drafted Xavier Rhodes again, but in this scenario he is already drafted. Instead they can snipe away Kawann Short from the Panthers with the hopes he also spends his entire career with them.


26. Green Bay Packers – Ezekiel Ansah, DT

Original Pick: Datone Jones, CB

Initially the 5th overall pick from the 2013 NFL Draft, Ezekiel Ansah did not live up to the hype. But man, he was pretty damn good. He had two seasons with over double digit sacks and maybe a winning culture would have helped him sustain that success. Datone Jones ended up being one of the worst players from the first round.


27. Houston Texans – Logan Ryan, DB

Original Pick: Deandre Hopkins, WR

If only the Texans were so lucky to end up with Hopkins again. Instead they’re going to have to do some dumpster diving. That may sound a little harsh, but nobody comes close to the top end talent of this draft including Logan Ryan. He was a solid defensive back, but never one of the best.

28. Denver Broncos – Ryan Jenson, OL

Original Pick: Sylvester Williams, DT

Sylvester Williams turned out to be solid, but does not compare to the junkyard dog that is Ryan Jenson. I have a feeling his play to the whistle attitude would have fit in perfectly with the Broncos culture. I also love the idea of this being the man that protected Peyton Manning.


29. Minnesota Vikings – D.J. Fluker, OT

Original Pick: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

The Vikings had three first round picks and only hit on one of them leading to a 5-10-1 season. Cordarrelle Patterson wasn’t a horrible pick, but they had no idea how to use him. D.J. Fluker turned out to be a reliable starter for all four of his seasons with the Chargers.


30. St. Louis Rams – Ricky Wagner, OT

Original Pick: Alec Ogletree, LB

The Rams would have loved to draft Alec Ogletree again, but life ain’t that easy. Instead they’ll settle with reliable right tackle Ricky Wagner who ended up being a steal for the Ravens in the 6th round.


31. Dallas Cowboys – J.C. Tretter, OL

Original Pick: Travis Frederick, C

This another case of the team being happy campers with their pick, but now they have to settle for J.C. Tretter. While the Browns declined this season, J.C. Tretter has not.


32. Dallas Cowboys – Kenny Vaccaro, S

Original Pick: Matt Elam, DB

Instead of drafting the extremely useless Matt Elam, Kenny Vaccaro could have layed the boom for the bounty gate friendly Saints.



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