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Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today 2023 Tier List

2023-24 NFL Rankings

by Riley Baines
Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today Tier List 2023-24 Pre-Season NFL Rankings

Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Today Tier List
2023-24 NFL Rankings

From the frozen tundras of Green Bay to the sun-soaked stadiums of Florida, if there’s one debate that never cools down, it’s about who’s the best Quarterbacks in the NFL. The pivot. The main man. That guy who’s entrusted with the pigskin and the hopes of an entire city every single snap. It’s a debate as old as the forward pass itself. In the ever-evolving gridiron battle, where every inch counts and a moment’s hesitation can cost a season, which quarterback truly stands out? Join us as we break down our quarterback tier list, going deep into the pocket of statistics, triumphs, and those intangibles that define greatness. Let the debates begin!



Taylor Henicke

Now joining the Falcons, Taylor Henicke is more of a last option if sophomore QB Desmond Ridder fails.

Jameis Winston

At this point I’m completely out on Jameis Winston. He couldn’t even beat the aged and washed Andy Dalton for a starting spot.

Andy Dalton

Speaking of Andy Dalton, he could find himself as a third string Quarterback for the Panthers.

Baker Mayfield

The Bucs are trending down and Baker Mayfield is at the helm of this transformation.

Jacoby Brissett

He performed for the Browns last season without Watson, but the Commanders’ supporting cast isn’t nearly as talented.

Drew Lock

Now firmly behind Geno Smith, he won’t have a chance to prove himself without injury.

Cooper Rush

Small sample size to go off, but this is Dak Prescott’s team.

Colt McCoy

By far the worst starting Quarterback in the NFL. The Cardinals are in trouble without Kyler Murray running for his life.



CJ Stroud

Getting Stroud with the 2nd overall pick was good value. But a lot of players have died on the Texans since their inception.

Desmond Ridder

I did like what I saw in limited action, but a full season will make all the difference for fans perception.

Bryce Young

The 1st overall pick has some high expectations. With a bottom tier receiving core, he will have to make some plays himself.

Will Levis

I could put Malik Willis here as well. From rumors of being a top 5 pick in the draft, he continued to fall to the 2nd round.

Gardner Minshew

He’s played solid when a starter. But he now has to accept his role as the backup for Anthony Richardson.

Trey Lance

He really hasn’t had the chance to prove himself. There is now questions whether or not he can secure the backup QB job over Sam Darnold.

Sam Howell

Another player who has had very limited action. He is a darkhorse to rise to the top 10.

Anthony Richardson

This is a player you would create in Madden. There is nobody questioning his athletic ability, but obviously way more goes into being an NFL QB.




Ryan Tannehill

This is his last chance to prove himself as a starter. He now has Deandre Hopkins to work with.

Justin Fields

This is arguably the best running QB in the NFL today. But there is just so much inconsistency with his passing game and turnovers.

Kyler Murray

Will likely be gone for at least half the season. He does not have much help with this Cardinals roster that seems to be re-building.

Mac Jones

Mac Jones struggled last season. The jury is still out on whether he can become a top tier starter.

Kenny Pickett

I liked what I saw from him at times last season and hated it in others. At least he has a great defense that will hold it down for him.

Brock Purdy

Draft capital only means so much. Brock Purdy is an extremely talented passer with lots of weapons around him.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G is meh to me. At least he has Davante Adams to work with.

Jordan Love

There is some big shoes to fill for Jordan Love, but I really liked what I saw from him this pre-season.




Geno Smith

People did not believe in Geno Smith and the Seahawks last season. Myself included. I was wrong. Geno Smith is an above average Quarterback who can win with a good supporting cast – which he has.

Derek Carr

Derek Carr was not good last season. He was extremely inconsistent last season, but maybe the change of scenery will be the difference.

Jared Goff

The Lions are turning it around and Goff turned a lot of heads last season. The roster is becoming stacked and Goff continues to get it done.

Daniel Jones

While Daniel Jones played great last season and earned a payday, there is still a lot of questions surrounding him. He can rise or fall on this list.

Deshaun Watson

What can you expect from someone who took that much football off? He was stale when he returned to action, but he has already proved enough in his career to have top 10 upside.

Tua Tagovailoa

I believe in the talent, but his ability to stay healthy is still under question. We shall see.

Russell Wilson

This was the last QB I added to this tier. He has already had a tremendous career, but is fresh off his worst season. Sean Payton could be the turning point.




Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets added a superstar. Aaron Rodgers is not washed and will pair with Garrett Wilson as one of the best QB to WR duos in the NFL.

Trevor Lawrence

He has finally lived up to his 1st overall hype. Now with Calvin Ridley added to the passing game, Trevor Lawrence is looking to have the best season of his career.

Kirk Cousins

Even with injuries last season, Kirk Cousins still managed to lead the Vikings into the playoffs. Jordan Addison is also a massive addition at Wide Receiver.

Dak Prescott

Being a Cowboys comes with a lot of hate and scrutiny. He struggled last season, but I still believe in Dak Prescott as a talent.

Lamar Jackson

Rewarded with a massive contract and two brand new weapons, Lamar Jackson is looking to have his best passing season ever.

Matthew Stafford

Is Matthew Stafford finally healthy? I have no idea. But he is a Super Bowl winner who was tremendous when healthy. I will give him the benefit of the doubt until we find out.




Patrick Mahomes

Who is the best Quarterback in the NFL? That title belongs to Patrick Mahomes who I already consider one of the top 10 best Quarterbacks in NFL history.

Jalen Hurts

He may not be the best Quarterback in the NFL, but he is the best Quarterback in the NFC. Let’s see if he can replicate his career year.

Josh Allen

Playoff duds aside, Josh Allen has all the intangibles to become the best NFL Quarterback.

Joe Burrow

The Cincinnati Bengals are a completely different team since the emergence of Joe Burrow. He has performed even with lackluster offensive line play.

Justin Herbert

This man can sling the rock. With Quentin Johnson added to their already stacked passing attack, he will continue to improve.


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