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Top 10 Best Edge Rushers in the NFL Today So Far This Season

2023 NFL Rankings

by Riley Baines
NFL Top 10 Edge Rushers in the NFL Today 2023-24 Going into Week 6

Top 10 Best Edge Rushers in the NFL Today 2023

These are the top 10 best Edge Rushers going into week 6. This list is based on overall talent, production so far, and most importantly projected production going forward. It does not include players currently injured and out.

At the end of each name, there will be a + or – which is their movement compared to last week’s NFL rankings.


#10 – Khalil Mack | +0

Fresh off a BYE as well as fresh off a six-sack performance against his old team. Maintaining that production will be impossible but anything close and he will help transform this Chargers defense. I take him over Joey Bosa right now.


#9 – Brian Burns | +0

Even with the Carolina Panthers being one of the worst teams in the NFL currently, Brian Burns is a rare bright spot for this defense. He continues to show off his pass rushing prowess with 4 sacks so far this season.


#8 – Josh Allen | -2

It’s been a slow burn for Josh Allen. He hasn’t quite lived up to the high expectations when he was drafted. That was until this year. Josh Allen is now the star of this defense that just took down the other Josh Allen this past Sunday in London.


#7 – Trey Hendrickson | +1

The Cincinnati Bengals started this season off slow and the same goes with Trey Hendrickson. But over the past 3 weeks Trey Hendrickson has recorded 5 sacks and he is on pace to average more than a sack a game.


#6 – Aidan Hutchinson | +1

After winning rookie of the year, Aidan Hutchinson has continued to live up to the hype and even risen his game even more. The Detroit Lions were one of the worst defenses in the NFL last season, but Aidan Hutchinson has helped change to dynamic. His one-handed catch last week was ridiculous.


#5 – Maxx Crosby | +0

Whenever I think of Maxx Crosby I just think an endless motor. He plays more snaps than anyone and still somehow doesn’t take plays off. This Raiders team would look even worse than they already do if it weren’t for Maxx Crosby carrying their pass rush.


#4 – Micah Parsons | +0

This is where ranking this get’s impossible. I think any of the top 4 players on this list have their own argument to take the number one spot.

When it comes to Micah Parsons, he is the best player on one of the best defenses in the NFL. His 4 sacks this season do not reflect how dominant he has been this season.


#3 – Nick Bosa | +0

Only 1.5 sacks for Nick Bosa this season. Nick Bosa is living proof on why we can’t just look at a single statistic for determining greatness defensively. He has the most QB hits of any player in the NFL right now with 12 and it isn’t even close. This is all while he get’s pulled early because it’s a blowout.


#2 – Myles Garrett | +0

The Cleveland Browns are one of the best defenses in the NFL today and Myles Garrett is the reason why. He is has been tormenting offensive linemen this season included his crossover pass rush in week 1. He will be in contention for most sacks this season.


#1 – T.J. Watt | +0

The Steelers defense has been carrying this team throughout the season and T.J. Watt’s stats reflect that. T.J. Watt has a league leading 8 sacks and 2 forced fumbles this season. He even found his way into the endzone for a defensive touchdown.


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