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Top 10 Best Cornerbacks in the NFL Today So Far This Season

2023 NFL Rankings Going into Week 6

by Riley Baines
NFL Top 10 Cornerbacks in the NFL Today 2023-24 Going into Week 6

Top 10 Best Cornerbacks in the NFL Today 2023

These are the top 10 best Cornerbacks going into week 6. This list is based on overall talent, production so far, and most importantly projected production going forward. It does not include players currently injured and out.

At the end of each name, there will be a + or – which is their movement compared to last week’s NFL rankings.


#10 – Tyson Campbell | -3

Darious Williams had the flashy interception last week against the Bills which only furthers his rights to the top 10 spot. That being said, I still view Tyson Campbell as the better cornerback of the two… but this could change soon. Either way the Jags have both of these guys to thank.


#9 – Darius Slay | +0

Big Play Slay continues to be a reliable cornerback in the NFL as he approaches his mid-thirties. The thing is, he is not in his prime. He is still one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL, but his days of being in the conversation for best cornerback is over.


#8 – Trent McDuffie | +0

The norm isn’t a first round cornerback being dominant in his first year. It took a little time for Trent McDuffie, but he has now earned his title as a top 10 cornerback in the NFL.


#7 – Jaire Alexander | NEW

Fresh off his injury, Alexander didn’t have his usual dominant performance, but that’s to be expected. Once he gets his feet under him, he will once again be in the conversation for best cornerback in the NFL.


#6 – Charvarius Ward | +0

This 49ers defense is scary good. You look at the roster front to back and there is no weakness. Charvarius Ward has emerged as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL since joining the 49ers. Sure a dominant pass rush helps, but he has made coverage sacks a thing.


#5 – Devon Witherspoon | +0

If Christian Gonzalez was healthy he’d be giving Witherspoon a run for best rookie cornerback. That title now belongs to Devon Witherspoon spoon who is an emerging star at the position. He doesn’t just force turnovers, he turns them into scores.


#4 – A.J. Terrell | +0

The Falcons have been a surprisingly good team this season thanks to their defense. A.J. Terrell struggled in his sophomore season, but has emerged once again as one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL today.


#3 – Sauce Gardner | +0

Last year I ranked Sauce Gardner the best cornerback in the NFL. This season, there were some growing pains. He hasn’t maintained the same dominance and his physical style of play has cost him in penalties. Sauce can easily rise on this list.


#2 – Pat Surtain | +0

I feel bad for Pat Surtain. An elite talent wasted on a bad team. The only person that wants to see Pat Surtain traded to a playoff contender more is Pat Surtain himself. There is only so much one player can do.


#1 – Marshon Lattimore | +0

There has never been a lack of flashes from Marshon Lattimore. He has been a highlight machine since entering the NFL, but his consistency was lacking. This has been the best season of his career as he is now the best cornerback in the NFL today.


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