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NFLs Los Angeles Rams Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
NFLs Los Angeles Rams Record Prediction 2020-21
NFLs Los Angeles Rams Record Prediction 2020-21

NFLs Los Angeles Rams Record Prediction 2020-21

Los Angeles Rams Record Prediction

Buyer Beware: When you go all-in on your team to win the Super Bowl, this is the result. This was truly a fall from grace for the Los Angeles Rams. They went from competing against the Patriots in the Super Bowl to not even competing for a playoff spot.

The Rams are the definition of a top heavy team. You drop names like Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods and you would think they would be competing for a championship, but no. That is the beauty of football. Every position counts including the position they are struggling most with which is the offensive line.

If you have a terrible offensive line, your entire offense will suffer. I don’t care how good your running back is, they will not be able to consistently produce. I don’t care how good your Quarterback is, they will not be able to consistently produce.

Todd Gurley is no longer on this team and it will likely become a running back by committee approach. Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown should all get their fair share of work and your guess is as good as mine who will become the lead dog. Regardless, I don’t think any of these players are good enough to make up for the abysmal offensive line they run behind. Same goes for Goff.

I don’t view Jared Goff as a top 15 Quarterback, but he can produce like one behind Sean McVays offense. He has the weapons, but is one of the worst Quarterbacks under pressure in the NFL. Goff needs time in the pocket, and I don’t know what McVay has under his sleeve to create that time behind this lackluster offense.

Their defense on the other hand isn’t as bad as people think. I won’t go as far as saying they are a good defense, but they are middle of the pack. For them to squeak into the playoffs, this defense needs to start playing lights out and it would need to be another defensive player of the year performance from Aaron Donald.

Same goes for Jalen Ramsey. He had his flashes of brilliance, but still too inconsistent for my liking. If you want to talk like you’re the best, then start playing like it. He was traded mid-season to the Rams, so ideally he gets more comfortable in this system. I do believe he has top 3 talent potential, but he needs have his head on straight.

I love some of the names on this team, but I can’t trust this offensive line to lead them into the promise land. Jared Goff is not talented enough to make up for these woes, and Sean McVay isn’t smart enough as well. Unless this offensive line miraculously rises from the bottom of the barrel, making the playoffs is out of the question.

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