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NFLs Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
NFLs Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction 2020-21
NFLs Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction 2020-21

NFLs Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction 2020-21

Las Vegas Raiders Record Prediction

The scope gets magnified for any team when accepting the Hard Knocks contract. The Raiders were no different as all eyes were on the disturbed Antonio Brown. From refusing to play without his old helmet to verbally abusing GM Mike Mayok, AB talked his way out of an NFL contract and everybody was quick to count out the Raiders.

They had no right winning 7 games last season. From front to back, this was one of the lesser rosters in the NFL. That being said, it is also one of the youngest. This is the perfect example of a team doing a re-build the right way as they stockpiled on draft picks establishing the foundation of their team.

With experience, this roster gets better every season. From offensive rookie of the year candidate Josh Jacobs to defensive rookie of the year candidate Maxx Crosby. This team has young studs ready to make their mark on the playoffs. The age plays a factor in my Raiders record prediction.

So why do they end up with the same record as last season. I believe they outproduced their actual talent last season, but unlike 2019 they will finish more according to their actual talent.

On offense, the difference will be the performance of their 1st overall pick Henry Ruggs. Without a doubt he will open up space for the offense with his field stretching ability. The being said, will he be more than a field stretcher. Jeudy and Lamb were the perceived more complete Wide Receivers, but I can see Ruggs being the more productive receiver.

Regardless, he will not be the #1 target on this team. hat role belongs to Darren Waller who is still somehow underrated. He is a beast of a man and a dream target in the middle of the field for Derek Carr. He has unbelievable run after the catch ability and that will be important to keep the sticks moving.

I’m optimistic about this offense because of their backbone. The offensive line. They are a dominant group who opened massive holes for their rookie running back. Jacobs ran wild last season and looks to build off that in 2020. That being said, he is one of the running backs that I view as a high risk of injury. Him being healthy or not can be the difference between adding or subtracting a couple of wins.

On defense is which has me the most worried. Again, this is a very young roster, so I think their range of outcomes spans farther than most teams. If they can continue to build off their chemistry then proving me wrong is not out of the question.

The Raiders did the re-build the right way, but I still think they are a season away from making the playoffs. This young roster will keep getting better as Jon Gruden establishes himself as one of the better coaches in the NFL. Too many people have thrown him under the bus for his massive contract 100 million dollar contract. In reality he has done a tremendous job rebuilding this team.

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