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Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times in NFL Combine History

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by Riley Baines

Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times in NFL Combine History

The NFL Combine is more than just a series of tests; it’s a showcase of athletic excellence, where the fastest and strongest prospects aim to impress scouts ahead of the NFL Draft. One of the most anticipated events is the 40-yard dash, a sprint that measures straight-line speed over a distance of 40 yards. This event has produced some awe-inspiring performances across all positions, highlighting athletes with exceptional speed. Here are the record-breaking 40-yard dash times by position that have left fans and scouts alike in awe.


Xavier Worthy Breaks NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash Record in 2024

The NFL Combine’s 40-yard dash has always been a marquee event, where milliseconds can define a prospect’s draft prospects. Until 2017, the official record was held by Chris Johnson, the East Carolina running back who dazzled scouts with a 4.24-second sprint. This exceptional performance set a high benchmark, symbolizing the pinnacle of speed in the NFL Combine’s storied history.

Then came John Ross in 2017. The Washington wide receiver, fresh off a breakout college season where he tallied 81 receptions, 1,150 receiving yards, and 17 touchdowns, was already touted as one of college football’s most electrifying talents. At the Combine, Ross lived up to the hype and then some, clocking a staggering 4.22 seconds in the 40-yard dash, eclipsing Johnson’s record and setting a new gold standard.

For years, Ross’s record appeared untouchable, a testament to his phenomenal speed and a target for future generations of Combine participants. However, all records are made to be broken.

Enter Xavier Worthy in 2024. The Texas wide receiver, known for his game-breaking speed, came into the Combine on the back of an impressive junior year boasting 75 catches, 1,014 yards, and five touchdowns, following up on two equally remarkable seasons. Standing at 6-1 and weighing 160 pounds, Worthy was not just a speedster but a well-rounded receiver with the stats to prove it.

NFL History is Made

When Worthy took to the track at the 2024 NFL Combine, anticipation was high. He didn’t just meet expectations; he exceeded them, blazing through the 40-yard dash in an official time of 4.21 seconds. With that, Worthy not only etched his name into the record books but also claimed the title of the fastest player in NFL Combine history, surpassing John Ross’s mark by a razor-thin margin.

This historic performance has recalibrated the benchmarks for speed at the NFL Combine. Officially, Worthy’s record is now the time to beat, a new pinnacle of Combine speed that future participants will aim for but find daunting to surpass. It underscores not just Worthy’s individual talent but the evolving nature of athleticism in football, where speed continues to be a defining attribute for success.

It’s clear speed kills, so let’s see if Xavier Worthy has what it takes to become one of the fastest players in NFL history.

RankNameTime (seconds)PositionCollegeNFL TeamCombine Year
1Xavier Worthy4.21WRTexasTBD2024
2John Ross III4.22WRWashingtonCincinnati Bengals2017
3Kalon Barnes4.23CBBaylorCarolina Panthers2022
4Chris Johnson4.24RBEast CarolinaTennessee Titans2008
5Dri Archer4.26RBKent StatePittsburgh Steelers2014
5Tariq Woolen4.26CBUTSASeattle Seahawks2022
5DJ Turner II4.26CBMichiganCincinnati Bengals2023
8Marquise Goodwin4.27WRTexasBuffalo Bills2013
8Henry Ruggs III4.27WRAlabamaLas Vegas Raiders2020
10Jacoby Ford4.28WRClemsonOakland Raiders2010
10J.J. Nelson4.28WRUABArizona Cardinals2015
10Jalen Myrick4.28CBMinnesotaJacksonville Jaguars2017
10Tyquan Thornton4.28WRBaylorNew England Patriots2022
10Nate Wiggins4.28CBTBDTBD2024
15Zedrick Woods4.29SOle MissJacksonville Jaguars (UDFA)2019
15Javelin Guidry4.29CBUtahNew York Jets (UDFA)2020
Top 10 Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times in NFL Combine History

Top 10 Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times in NFL Combine History

This compilation not only showcases the fastest athletes to participate in the Combine but also serves as a testament to how their outstanding performances have shaped their paths to the NFL.

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