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Best Wide Receiver Duos in NFL History

Vote to Eliminate

by Riley Baines
NFL Vote to Eliminate - Best Wide Receiver Duos Ever - 2024-03-28

Best Wide Receiver Duos in NFL History

Who’s the greatest wide receiver duo in NFL history? The debate heats up as we invite you to decide. From spectacular catches to defining moments, it’s time to vote and make your voice heard. You can vote to eliminate the worst wide receiver duo until the best WR duo ever remains.

How to Vote:

Participate in our ‘Vote to Eliminate’ series. Each round, you’ll decide which duo gets closer to the title of the best ever. Will your favorites survive to the end? Just scroll down and vote for the worst duo left.


1st Round: Lockett/Metcalf & Beckham/Landry
2nd Round: Cooper/Crabtree & Duper/Clayton
3rd Round: Brown/Smith & Reed/Lofton
4th Round: Hill/Waddle & Thomas/Sanders & Evans/Godwin
5th Round: Swann/Stallworth & Johnson/Tate
6th Round: Irvin/Harper & Jones/White
7th Round: Bruce/Holt & Rice/Taylor
8th Round: Moss/Welker & Fitzgerald/Boldin
9th Round: Harrison/Wayne


1. Tyler Lockett & D.K. Metcalf (Sattle Seahawks) – Eliminated Round 1
2. Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens (San Francisco 49ers)
3. Tyreek Hill & Jaylen Waddle (Miami Dolphins) – Eliminated Round 4
4. Demaryius Thomas & Emmanuel Sanders (Denver Broncos) – Eliminated Round 4
5. Odell Beckham & Jarvis Landry (Cleveland Browns) – Eliminated Round 1
6. Andre Reed and James Lofton (Buffalo Bills) Eliminated Round 3
7. Julio Jones and Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons) – Eliminated Round 6
8. Mike Evans & Chris Godwin (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – Eliminated Round 4
9. Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin (Dallas Cowboys) – Eliminated Round 6
10. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinals) Eliminated Round 7
11. Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree (Oakland Raiders) – Eliminated Round 2
12. Jerry Rice and John Taylor (San Francisco 49ers) – Eliminated Round 6
13. Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt (St. Louis Rams) – Eliminated Round 6
14. Randy Moss and Cris Carter (Minnesota Vikings)
15. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton (Miami Dolphins) – Eliminated Round 2
16. Lynn Swann and John Stallworth (Pittsburgh Steelers) – Eliminated Round 5
17. Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate (Detroit Lions) – Eliminated Round 5
18. A.J. Brown & Devonta Smith (Philadelphia Eagles) Eliminated Round 3
19. Randy Moss & Wes Welker (New England Patriots) Eliminated Round 7
20. Marvin Harrison & Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts) – Eliminated Round 8

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