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Most Yards From Scrimmage in a Single Season

NFL Records Tier List

by Riley Baines

Most Yards From Scrimmage in a Single Season

Welcome to the ultimate celebration of gridiron legends and their record-breaking pursuits. In this detailed exploration, we highlight the remarkable feats of the NFL’s yards from scrimmage record holders. From the top NFL players by yards to those unforgettable single season yards from scrimmage achievements, join us as we relive the moments that have etched these athletes into NFL all-time yards from scrimmage lore.


They Can Do it All

NFL Rushing and Receiving Leaders

The battle for yardage in the NFL is waged on the ground and through the air. This section honors those NFL rushing and receiving leaders whose phenomenal single season rushing records and NFL receiving yards records for running backs have left an indelible mark on the league’s history.

Best Running Back Seasons Ever

Reflect on some of the best NFL seasons ever, where players like Adrian Peterson and Marshall Faulk didn’t just play; they redefined the game. Delve into the Chris Johnson 2009 season stats and some other performances by the best running backs ever.


Gaining Yards

Who is the best?

Ever wondered, “Who leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage?” or “What makes the top single-season performances in the NFL so special?” This section uncovers the NFL historical yards from scrimmage leaders and the best all-purpose yards seasons in NFL history.

RankPlayer NameSeasonTeamYards from ScrimmageTouchdowns
1Chris Johnson2009Tennessee Titans250914
2Marshall Faulk1999St. Louis Rams242912
3Christian McCaffrey2019Carolina Panthers239219
4Tiki Barber2005New York Giants239011
5LaDainian Tomlinson2003San Diego Chargers237017
6Barry Sanders1997Detroit Lions235811
7Steven Jackson2006St. Louis Rams233416
8LaDainian Tomlinson2006San Diego Chargers232331
9Marcus Allen1985Los Angeles Raiders231414
10Adrian Peterson2012Minnesota Vikings231413
11Edgerrin James2000Indianapolis Colts230313
12Priest Holmes2002Kansas City Chiefs228721
13Jamal Lewis2003Baltimore Ravens227114
14DeMarco Murray2014Dallas Cowboys226113
15Ahman Green2003Green Bay Packers225020
16Eric Dickerson1984Los Angeles Rams224414
17O.J. Simpson1975Buffalo Bills224316
18James Wilder1984Tampa Bay Buccaneers222913
19Marshall Faulk1998Indianapolis Colts222710
20Terrell Davis1998Denver Broncos222521
21Arian Foster2010Houston Texans222016
22Ricky Williams2002Miami Dolphins221616
23Le'Veon Bell2014Pittsburgh Steelers221511
24Eric Dickerson1983Los Angeles Rams221218
25Larry Johnson2006Kansas City Chiefs219917
26Marshall Faulk2000St. Louis Rams218918
27Frank Gore2006San Francisco 49ers21809
28William Andrews1983Atlanta Falcons217612
29LaDainian Tomlinson2002San Diego Chargers217215
30Jonathan Taylor2021Indianapolis Colts217118
31Priest Holmes2001Kansas City Chiefs21698
32Barry Sanders1994Detroit Lions21667
33Jamal Anderson1998Atlanta Falcons216514
34Deuce McAllister2003New Orleans Saints21578
35Emmitt Smith1995Dallas Cowboys214825
36Marshall Faulk2001St. Louis Rams214721
37LeSean McCoy2013Philadelphia Eagles214611
38Derrick Henry2020Tennessee Titans214117
39Edgerrin James1999Indianapolis Colts213913
40Jim Brown1963Cleveland Browns213112
41Tiki Barber2006New York Giants21275
42Walter Payton1977Chicago Bears212116
43David Johnson2016Arizona Cardinals211820
44Thurman Thomas1992Buffalo Bills211312
45Priest Holmes2003Kansas City Chiefs211027
46Garrison Hearst1998San Francisco 49ers21059
47Brian Westbrook2007Philadelphia Eagles210412
48Tiki Barber2004New York Giants209615
49Todd Gurley2017Los Angeles Rams209319
50Larry Johnson2005Kansas City Chiefs209321
50Larry Johnson2005Kansas City Chiefs209321
51O.J. Simpson1973Buffalo Bills207312
52Ray Rice2011Baltimore Ravens206815
53Roger Craig1985San Francisco 49ers206615
54Josh Jacobs2022Las Vegas Raiders205312
55Walter Payton1984Chicago Bears205214
56Emmitt Smith1992Dallas Cowboys204818
57Ray Rice2009Baltimore Ravens20418
58Thurman Thomas1991Buffalo Bills203812
59Terrell Davis1997Denver Broncos203715
60William Andrews1981Atlanta Falcons203610
61Roger Craig1988San Francisco 49ers203610
62Eric Dickerson1988Indianapolis Colts203614
63Barry Foster1992Pittsburgh Steelers203411
64Walter Payton1985Chicago Bears20349
65Edgerrin James2004Indianapolis Colts20319
66Saquon Barkley2018New York Giants202815
67Walter Payton1983Chicago Bears20288
68Eric Dickerson1986Los Angeles Rams202611
69Christian McCaffrey2023San Francisco 49ers202310
70Herschel Walker1988Dallas Cowboys201914
71Wilbert Montgomery1979Philadelphia Eagles20069
72Ezekiel Elliott2018Dallas Cowboys20019
73Ezekiel Elliott2016Dallas Cowboys199416
74Gerald Riggs1985Atlanta Falcons198610
75Tiki Barber2002New York Giants198411
76Earl Campbell1980Houston Oilers198113
77Ahman Green2001Green Bay Packers19819
78Jamaal Charles2013Kansas City Chiefs198019
79Maurice Jones-Drew2011Jacksonville Jaguars198011
80Tony Dorsett1981Dallas Cowboys19716
81Cooper Kupp2021Los Angeles Rams196516
82Christian McCaffrey2018Carolina Panthers196513
83Calvin Johnson2012Detroit Lions19645
84Eddie George2000Tennessee Titans196216
85Shaun Alexander2005Seattle Seahawks195828
86LaDainian Tomlinson2007San Diego Chargers194918
87Le'Veon Bell2017Pittsburgh Steelers194611
88Curtis Martin2004New York Jets194214
89Fred Taylor2003Jacksonville Jaguars19426
90Derrick Henry2022Tennessee Titans193617
91Jamaal Charles2010Kansas City Chiefs19358
92Matt Forte2013Chicago Bears193312
93Marcus Allen1984Los Angeles Raiders192613
94Doug Martin2012Tampa Bay Buccaneers192612
95Billy Sims1980Detroit Lions192416
96Wilbert Montgomery1981Philadelphia Eagles19238
97Walter Payton1979Chicago Bears192314
98Dalvin Cook2020Minnesota Vikings191817
99Brian Westbrook2006Philadelphia Eagles191611
100Ottis Anderson1979St. Louis Cardinals19138
100Thurman Thomas1989Buffalo Bills19136
NFL Tier List - All-Time Most Yards From Scrimmage in a Single Season

NFL Tier List – All-Time Most Yards From Scrimmage in a Single Season

As we wrap up this journey through the NFL’s most storied seasons, it’s clear that the quest for yardage is more than just a game—it’s a saga of determination, strategy, and unparalleled skill. The records may stand as numbers, but behind each one is a story of a season, a team, and a player who transcended the ordinary to achieve something truly extraordinary.

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