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NFLs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
NFLs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Prediction 2020-21
NFLs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Prediction 2020-21

NFLs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Prediction 2020-21

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Prediction

I have already expressed my optimism towards the Bucs next season and the people were not having it. And honestly, I can’t blame them. How many times have we been fooled by an over-hyped team that ultimately misses the playoffs? Last year it was the Browns. I even remember the Eagles being coined “the Dream Team”. Usually I lean away from the most over-hyped team, but this time is different.

If you want to draw comparisons with this team and the Browns from last season, I don’t buy it at all. Baker Mayfield vs. Tom Brady cannot be compared. Even Freddie Kitchens and Bruce Arians cannot be compared. It’s not even close. The Bucs already had most of the right pieces in place and I think they made all the right moves this off-season to finish the puzzle.

This offense was already scary without their additions. They already had the best WR duo in the NFL along with two very talented Tight Ends in O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate. They now add future hall of famers Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Say what you want about what they have left in the tank, but to say you would take 15 tight ends or 15 quarterbacks over either of these players are foolish. They have more playoff experience then anyone else at their position and are way better than recency bias suggests.

Jameis Winston was prone to airing it out as much as possible in Bruce Arians pass heavy approach leading to 30 interceptions. Tom Brady will step in immediately and make this offense much more efficient. This is the first time in Tom Brady’s entire career dating back to high school he has ever had an offense first minded head coach. He will be given the chance to air it out 30+ times a game and have been given the best receiving corp since he went undefeated in the 2007 season.

The offensive line is going to be the most telling for this team. They have struggled mightily in pass protection in recent history, and they need to protect the aging Tom Brady. It was addressed by drafting physical freak Tristan Wirfs in the NFL draft, but he is still very raw and offensive line is a very tough position to transition into.

You would think it’s the defense that i’m the most worried about, but that’s not the case. This was the best run defense in the entire NFL last season and they are trending upwards with their fantastic young corp. Devin White is a superstar on the rise and will be the undisputed DPOY for the Bucs. If their secondary can become serviceable next season, 13 wins is not a stretch at all.

Starting week 1 away against the New Orleans Saints will raise a lot of eyebrows, but look past it. I think they will have a turnaround after week 1 and become elite. Tom Brady brings a winning atmosphere that cannot be overlooked.

The NFC South is going to be a war next season.

Do you agree? Are the Bucs going to miss the playoffs and be a disapointment? Vote below!

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