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NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
NFLs Kansas City Chiefs Record Prediction 2020-21
NFLs Kansas City Chiefs Record Prediction 2020-21

NFLs Kansas City Chiefs Record Prediction 2020-21

Kansas City Chiefs Record Prediction

The Super Bowl hangover is a real thing, but I can’t see it affecting the Chiefs. I’m worried about a lot of passing attacks being able to figure it out early due to the short turnaround, but the Chiefs are a different bread. This already young team team kept all their main pieces and look to continue to build on their already Super Bowl winning rapport.

If you don’t think Patrick Mahomes is the best Quarterback in the NFL, you’re wrong. He has the most gifted arm out of anyone in the NFL and it’s not even close. Every year he continues to read defenses better and better making this offense even better. It helps when you have a Quarterback guru in Andy Reid at head coach.

Andy Reid made it clear that he wants to make this offense even better. Expect a breakout season from first overall rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Reid has praised his ability drawing comparisons to his old running back Brian Westbrook. That is high praise and it would not shock me if he steps in as the every down back. With Damien Williams opting out, the door is open for him to become one of the most productive dual threat running backs in the NFL.

The Andy Reid system is notoriously friendly for the production of a running back and that can’t be understated with the Chiefs. When you have guys like Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins and Mecole Hardman spreading out the field, every phase of the offense becomes easier to create space.

The defense is the weakness of this team, but it is far from what it was 2 seasons ago. Give up credit to Tyrann Mathieu who stepped in and made this secondary way better. This defense is far from elite, but they have become much better at defending the pass. They were 8th in passing yards allowed and they will be given a lot more opportunity for turnovers which they were 5th in last season considering how many points Mahomes will be putting up on offense.

Super Bowl teams usually have their top players seek the biggest contracts of their lives on other teams. That’s how they fall from greatness. The Chiefs are a different story. They kept all their best players. Mahomes is now a 200 million dollar man operating the most dangerous passing attack in recent history.

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