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NFL’s Indianapolis Colts Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
NFLs Indianapolis Colts Record Prediction 2020
NFLs Indianapolis Colts Record Prediction 2020

NFL’s Indianapolis Colts Record Prediction 2020

Indianapolis Colts Record Prediction 2020

2019-20 Season

Considering their starting Quarterback unexpectedly retired in pre-season, I think the Colts did pretty good with their 7-9 record. Jacoby Brissett did his best job at the helm, but he is a game manager at best. The colts decided to go all-in this off-season.


Philip Rivers was a great addition this off-season. He generates a lot of undeserved hate. People will be quick to point out his stats over the past season, but the Chargers offensive line was awful. Rivers steps into the Colts with the best offensive line that he has ever had.

I was very close to including Quenton Nelson as the projected MVP for this team. He leads this offensive line that many claim is the best in the league. Life is a lot easier under center with this good of a line and it’s dream scenario for any running back.

The Colts added Jonathan Taylor in the 2nd round and I think he was the best running back of the draft. Both Taylor and Mack at running back is an extremely scary duo and I expect that to be the focal point of this offense.

People have forgotten about T.Y. Hilton, but him returning to help will be the difference between a 10 win and 12 win team. I still believe in his talent and there is more help around him. Michael Pittman will fit that big bodied possession receiver role that Rivers loves.


While people may consider it an overpay, I loved their trade for DeForest Buckner. They gave up their 2020 first round pick and made Buckner the 2nd highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL behind Aaron Donald. He will be a menace on the inside for this defense.

Darius Leonard gets another piece for this already extremely dangerous front 7. They were a top 7 run defense last season and I expect them to be even better in 2020. This is an extremely young defense that should continue to get better.

The pass defense is what has me worried. Once again, they’re young and allowed way too many big plays to succeed. If they want to succeed past just making the playoffs, it has to be their pass defense that steps up.

Final Thoughts

I love a team that sees a window and goes all in for the Super Bowl. I think the Colts see the next couple of seasons as a chance to win the Super Bowl and Brissett wasn’t there guy. Both Rivers and Buckner will be immediate impact makers and turn this franchise around from a 7 win team into playoff contenders.


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