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NFL’s Dallas Cowboys Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
NFL's Dallas Cowboys Record Prediction 2020

NFL's Dallas Cowboys Record Prediction 2020

NFL’s Dallas Cowboys Record Prediction 2020

Dallas Cowboys Record Prediction 2020

2019-20 Season

The Dallas Cowboys once again disappointed finishing the season 8-8. There was a lot of mediocrity following with Jason Garrett as Head Coach. It was long overdue for the Cowboys to finally fire him. Next coach up, Mike McCarthy. Love him or hate him, he is ranked 30th all-time for most wins by a head coach.


From a pure talent standpoint this offense might be the best in the NFL. I ranked them #4 on my top 10 offenses and have no regret at all. Every position on this offense is stacked top to bottom besides Tight End.

Andy Dalton’s backyard video ensures to me that he is the best backup Quarterback. Sorry Winston. As for Dak Prescott, he is one of the best NFL quarterbacks that people love to hate. He is playing for his contract and has a stacked supporting cast.

CeeDee Lamb for many was the best WR of the draft and the Cowboys got him for a steal late in the first. Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb are an elite WR trio. They will be a nightmare for opposing secondaries.

Ezekiel Elliott is another guy who gets a lot of hate, but you have to be ignorant to not regard him as a top 10 running back. Tony Pollard is also a 2nd year player who proved that he is more than capable to carry the load if need be.

Everything is a lot easier behind the offensive line. Can you remember the last time the Cowboys weren’t top 5? They produce year in and year out. Losing Frederick hurts, but I can’t see them falling off a cliff in terms of production.



Let me start off by saying that losing Byron Jones to free agency is no easy replacement. The Cowboys were a borderline top 10 defense last season, and I think they will take a step down. But have you heard what Demarcus Ware just said?

Ware was raving about new defensive coordinator Mike Nola’s new hybrid defense. A great coach will put players in positions to succeed and Mike Nola should get this kind of love. There are still some very talented players on this defense that he has the luxury of moving around including Jaylon Smith.

The leader of this defense is Jaylon Smith and rightfully so. He had his breakout season and cemented his spot as one of premiere linebackers in the NFL. Learning from Sean Lee clearly has it’s benefits.

Final Thoughts

It won’t be much, but Mike McCarthy will bring more of a winning culture. He is a no shenanigans type coach and I think that’s what the Cowboys need. There is too much talent on this team not to win at least 9 games with their average schedule.


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