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NFL Power Rankings Tier List Week 5

by Riley Baines
NFL Power Rankings Tier List Going Into Week 5

NFL Power Rankings Tier List Going into Week 5

These are the best teams in the NFL today based on overall talent, production so far, and projected production going forward. Follow along as we break down every team in this NFL Power Rankings tier list going into week 5 of action.


TIER 1: Super Bowl Favorites

Buffalo Bills: +0

After a surprising loss to the Jets, the Bills have dominated with three consecutive wins by 28+ points, a feat paralleled only by the 1942 Bears. Josh Allen boasts a league-leading 76.1% completion rate over the past three games, while Stefon Diggs continues his strong performances against Miami. However, concerns arise with the season-ending injury to cornerback Tre’Davious White, challenging younger players like Dane Jackson to step up.

Kansas City Chiefs: +0

After a rocky start in Week 1, the Chiefs edged out a win against the Jets despite Mahomes’ subpar performance. Their running game proved to be the saving grace. However, with only one interception this season, there are concerns about the defense’s ability to handle upcoming elite quarterbacks.

Philadelphia Eagles: +0

The Eagles’ success can be attributed to their dominant O-line and pass rush, as their rushers average 2.16 yards before contact. However, they rank 27th in passing yards allowed and are struggling with injuries in the secondary. Despite a 4-0 record, the defensive decline, especially after the Commanders game, raises concerns for the future.

San Francisco 49ers: +0

The 49ers are thriving offensively with McCaffrey leading the team in scrimmage yards and Aiyuk and Samuel making notable contributions. Defensively, while they have some red-zone struggles, I still believe their defense is elite. Brock Purdy’s recent performance against the Cardinals showcased his improvement, indicating a balanced and strong team.

Miami Dolphins: +0

The Dolphins experienced a shocking point differential swing, but despite their offensive prowess, the defense remains a concern. With troubling third-down statistics and a lackluster pass rush, Fangio’s squad hasn’t lived up to expectations, especially without Ramsey. Miami’s defensive efficiency needs significant improvement to match their top-tier offense.


TIER 2: Super Bowl Hopefuls

Los Angeles Chargers: +0

The Chargers’ risky fourth-down play calls epitomize Staley’s gutsy approach, and Mack’s dominant performance was a standout. Yet, despite this, their vulnerability against the deep pass is glaring. The team’s defensive improvement against the Raiders might be misleading given they faced a rookie quarterback and a struggling O-line.

Baltimore Ravens: +0

In the face of injuries, the Ravens’ resilience shines, especially with Harbaugh’s milestone win and their offensive performance against a stellar Browns defense. However, their recent struggles with run defense, particularly on explosive runs, have been a departure from their usual stoutness. While Lamar’s performance against Cleveland was impressive, consistent play will be key for Baltimore as they get healthier.

Detroit Lions: +0

The Lions are defying expectations, riding a wave of success carried in part by their heavy reliance on David Montgomery. While their pass rush seemed dormant early on, recent performances, especially from Hutchinson, hint at a promising defensive trend. Given the team’s resilience amidst injuries and the forthcoming return of key players, the Lions might continue to surprise many as the season unfolds.

Seattle Seahawks: +1

Their defensive performance was historic with a near-record sack count, demonstrating their potential to disrupt opposing offenses. Yet, inconsistencies, especially their faltering third-down defense, remain concerns. Although their recent victories suggest an upswing, they’ve benefited from opponents’ misfortunes and have yet to solidify their position as genuine contenders in 2023.

Jacksonville Jaguars: +1

The Jaguars continue to have growing pains despite boasting a talented roster. While Trevor Lawrence showcases moments of brilliance, consistency in the passing game remains elusive, resulting in subpar league rankings. Defensively, even with standout performances from players like Josh Allen, the pass rush lacks the relentlessness required to consistently disturb opposing quarterbacks. Though Jacksonville’s rebound from the loss to the Texans was commendable, a more consistent level of play on both sides of the ball is crucial for sustained success, especially considering their capability to closely contest powerhouse teams like the Chiefs.

Cleveland Browns: +0

Despite boasting the NFL’s top-ranked defense in efficiency, the Browns have struggled to force turnovers, ranking tied for 24th with just three this season. The absence of Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb was evident as Cleveland’s defense looked outmatched against the Ravens, even as they rank 11th in PRWR at 48.7%. Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s subpar performance contrasted with his promising preseason, highlighting the team’s offensive vulnerabilities.


TIER 3: In The Playoff Hunt

Pittsburgh Steelers: -1

The Steelers faced aircraft issues and Kenny Pickett’s stats tell a tale of struggles, with a 14.2% off-target percentage and 60.6% completion rate. Cameron Heyward’s injury impacted the defense, as evidenced by their 28th rank in yards per carry allowed at 4.7. Against the Texans, both the offense and defense faltered, with Pickett underperforming and the defense struggling against rookie QBs.

Green Bay Packers: -1

The Packers rank low in rushing, 29th in yards per carry (3.3) and 25th in rushing success rate (33.7%). Defensively, they’ve dropped from 26th to 30th in rushing yards allowed per game from last season. Key absences like Jaire Alexander and David Bakhtiari impact both the defense and Jordan Love’s protection, evidenced by the five sacks he endured recently.

Tennessee Titans: +1

Derrick Henry surpassed Oilers legend Earl Campbell with 8,583 rushing yards, trailing only Eddie George in franchise history, and added to his passing achievements. The Titans’ defense has allowed 12 explosive passing plays, constituting over half their total passing yards allowed, though they showcased potential in a dominant win against the Bengals. While Tennessee handled Cincinnati, their vulnerabilities may be exposed against stronger teams.

Los Angeles Rams: +1

Despite blowing a significant lead, the Rams clinched a victory with Stafford passing for 319 yards, ranking second in the league. Rookie receiver Nacua made history with his impressive stats in his initial four NFL games. Though the Rams have struggled with takeaways, ranking low in the NFL, their upcoming matchups might provide chances to improve their turnover differential.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +1

Baker Mayfield has revitalized the Buccaneers, defying expectations and ranking seventh in the league in offensive EPA per dropback. While Tampa Bay’s defense ranks seventh in points allowed, their high-risk strategy results in them being fourth-worst for long pass plays, though their red zone defense is the second-best. Tampa Bay’s successes have partly come from opponents’ missteps, but Mayfield’s performance against the Saints solidified their offensive prowess.

Houston Texans: +1

The Texans, after struggling in recent years, are contenders in the AFC South, with rookie QB C.J. Stroud ranking ninth in passer rating and third in yards per attempt despite leading the NFL in dropped passes. While Houston’s defense excels in applying pressure, they struggle to convert it into sacks, ranking near the bottom of the league. Their convincing win over the Steelers showcased their potential dominance on both offense and defense.

Indianapolis Colts: +0

Rookie QB Anthony Richardson, while struggling with passing, has shined in rushing, setting a new NFL record with four rushing touchdowns in his first three games. The Colts’ secondary, particularly at cornerback, is a point of concern, allowing a high completion rate and uncontested throws, exacerbated by Dallis Flowers’ Achilles injury. Despite a loss, Richardson’s second-half performance offers hope for the Colts’ future.

Minnesota Vikings: +1

With the third-highest passing yards per game, Kirk Cousins leads in touchdown passes but made headlines with a chaotic play against the Panthers. The Vikings, despite their frequent blitzing, struggle with their pass rush mainly due to Marcus Davenport’s ankle injury, though his return has shown promise. Despite their own mistakes, the Vikings managed a critical victory against the Panthers, largely due to a strong fourth quarter.


TIER 4: Wide Range of Outcomes

Washington Commanders: +0

Rookie Sam Howell’s performance for the Commanders is promising but he’s on track to break David Carr’s sack record, highlighting a pressing protection issue. Washington’s defense has given up 11 long pass plays, matching half of their 2022 total, with rookie corner Emmanuel Forbes cited for technique inconsistency. After a tough loss to the Bills, the Commanders displayed resilience against Philadelphia, but maintaining that momentum might be challenging.

Denver Broncos: -1

Despite a rough start against the Bears, Russell Wilson spearheaded a comeback for the Broncos, posting his best passer rating since joining Denver. The team’s defense is concerning, ranking last in several categories, with Vance Joseph receiving much of the blame, though deeper issues persist.

Cincinnati Bengals: -1

The Cincinnati Bengals’ performance has been concerning, especially with Joe Burrow’s decreased average yards per attempt. Coupled with a porous rushing defense allowing 5.1 yards per carry, the team faces significant challenges ahead. For the Bengals to rebound, Burrow’s health and an improved defense are paramount.

New Orleans Saints: -1

The New Orleans Saints are in a precarious situation, with their hefty investment in Derek Carr not yet yielding the desired results and a looming salary cap issue. Coupled with Coach Dennis Allen’s past performance and recent defensive lapses, the Saints face major challenges ahead. The defense’s decline and Carr’s limitations are pressing concerns for the team.

New England Patriots: -1

The New England Patriots experienced a tough outing against the Cowboys, further exacerbated by the loss of key players to injuries. The depleted secondary struggled significantly, with Dak Prescott capitalizing on the situation. While Mac Jones’ performance was subpar, it’s important to note the challenging matchups the Patriots have faced early in the season.

Atlanta Falcons: -1

The Atlanta Falcons’ offense is heavily reliant on rookie running back Bijan Robinson, overshadowing other key playmakers. While their pass rush struggles to finish with sacks, the increased pressure rates show some defensive improvement. Their recent defensive performances are commendable, but quarterback concerns loom large, with calls for Taylor Heinicke to take the helm.

New York Jets: +0

Zach Wilson’s strong performance for the Jets showed potential, but the team’s inability to win even when he’s at his best is concerning. Defensive vulnerabilities, especially against explosive plays, undermine the team’s continuity and experience. While there’s hope in Wilson’s development, it’s uncertain if the team can consistently capitalize on it.


TIER 5: It Will Take a Miracle

Arizona Cardinals: +0

The Cardinals have shown promise this season, especially on offense, and their draft capital in 2024 looks promising. However, their pass defense is a glaring concern that has hindered their success. While they’ve been competitive, improving their secondary is essential if they aim to transition from just being good to being great.

New York Giants: +0

The Giants are clearly struggling, with an offense that’s stagnant and a defense failing to live up to its potential. Daniel Jones is under constant duress, making it challenging to gauge his progress. With a daunting schedule ahead and key players injured, it’s a testing period for the team’s resilience and coaching.

Carolina Panthers: +0

The Panthers are in a difficult spot with Bryce Young struggling and their run defense being porous. While their secondary has shown some resilience, the constant pressure from the ground game and injuries are making it tough for them to stay competitive. The offense, despite a brief Dalton-inspired spark, remains a concern.

Las Vegas Raiders: +0

The Raiders are struggling under McDaniels, especially with their lack of takeaways on defense. Aidan O’Connell’s rookie mistakes in crucial situations reflect growing pains, but the inconsistency in officiating doesn’t help their cause. As they look ahead, the team needs to focus on capitalizing on their opportunities and improving their turnover differential to turn their season around.


TIER 6: Chase Claypool is Your Best Player

Chicago Bears: +0

The Bears are in turmoil, marked by inconsistent play from their young QB, Justin Fields, and a defense that can’t consistently generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Despite some tactical changes by Coach Eberflus, results haven’t improved. The decision to forgo a field goal indicates both the daring and the potential long-term vision of the coaching staff. With their current trajectory, securing a top draft pick in 2024 might be the silver lining.


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