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Leonard Fournette is on the Trading Block

by Riley Baines
Leonard Fournette

It was only 2 seasons ago that the Jaguars were in the playoffs just shy of beating the Patriots. This team was led by Jalen Ramsey on the defense and Leonard Fournette on the offense and that era seems to be coming to an end.

It’s clearly a money issue, but there is more to it than that. Leonard Fournette publicly expressed his desire to have Cam Newton lead his team on ESPN’s First Take. Some take that as a shot to his current Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew.

Let’s get this straight. If the Jags trade Fournette, they are in rebuild mode. Leonard Fournette was the clear leader of this offense last season with 265 carries and 100 targets. Without him they have no shot making the playoffs because he is a top 10 running back in the NFL.

My guess is that they are looking for as much draft capital as possible. You saw the Raiders trade away star Linebacker Khalil Mack and get a decent haul, but is there really that much of a market for a running back? I guess we will find out.

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