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Cincinnati Bengals Record Prediction 2020-21

by Riley Baines
Cincinnati Bengals Record Prediction 2020
Cincinnati Bengals Record Prediction 2020

Cincinnati Bengals Record Prediction 2020

Cincinnati Bengals Record Prediction 2020

2019-20 Season

The Bengals were no way close to being playoff contenders last season and finishing last seems to be the best thing for them. They were plagued with injuries last season and this team is way better than their 2019 record suggests.


Finishing last was perfect for them because Joe Burrow marks a change for this team. He has superstar written all over him and is the future of this franchise.

Rookie Quarterbacks don’t get the luxury of having this good of a supporting cast. A.J. Green is a very underrated leader who will become the perfect security blanket for Burrow. Not only did they also draft Tee Higgins, but both John Ross and Tyler Boyd look to be healthy as well.

Their MVP will look to be Joe Mixon. The one thing that continues to be reliable is their rushing attack and Joe Mixon is freakishly talented. I included him as one of my top 10 running backs because even running behind a horrendous offensive line has rushed for over 1000 yards for 2 seasons straight.

That offensive line still worries me going forward, but reports have me optimistic that they will at least be better than bottom 10.


Defensively, they are still a very young team. Geno Atkins is still one of the premiere defensive tackles in the NFL and will continue to wreak havoc. Sam Hubbard and Carlos Dunlap will feed off that and be given ample 1v1 opportunities. Sam Hubbard is on my radar for a breakout season.

Final Thoughts

I believe in the Bengals as one of the teams of the future, but the future is not now. I think Joe Burrow will have a tough start to the season and turn it up too late. This team will show flashes of brilliance, but I think they have too many holes to be playoff contenders.


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