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Best Running Backs 2020 Hierarchy

by Riley Baines
Best Running Backs 2020 Hierarchy

Best Running Backs 2020 Hierarchy

Best Running Backs 2020 Hierarchy

This list is based off talents as well as production. I ranked the top 10 Running Backs from last season, but this list focuses on who I believe are the best Running Backs going into the 2020-21 season.

Tier 1:
Saquon Barkley – An ankle injury kept him from his dominant rookie self, but he has all the talent in the world.
Christian McCaffrey – The clear #1 running back from last season. Best pass catching running back ever?
Ezekiel Elliott – Hate on the Cowboys all you want. Zeke is still elite.
Derrick Henry – The Titans wouldn’t sniff the playoffs without him. Nobody wants to tackle this beast.

Tier 2:
Aaron Jones – The rushing touchdown leader from last season.
Nick Chubb – The Browns were bad, but their rushing attack kept them afloat.
Joe Mixon – Running behind a really bad offensive line, but the talent is there. Will Joe Burrow help open things up?
Josh Jacobs – Robbed of Rookie of the Year? The Raiders would not have won as many games without him.
Alvin Kamara – After an injury plagued season, I still believe he is one of the best dual purpose RBs in the NFL.
Dalvin Cook – The Vikings fall flat without him. This offense will depend on him even more without Stefon Diggs.

Tier 3:
Chris Carson – Missed two games and still rushed for over 1200 yards. Needs to solve fumbling issue.
Mark Ingram – Big Truss Woo Woo. Prospers in the high octane Ravens offense.
Leonard Fournette – Held back by an awful offense, but I’m sold on the talent.
Melvin Gordon – New leader of this Broncos offense. Still lots left in the tank.
Todd Gurley – Another year to get more healthy. No longer elite, but should be used plenty in Atlanta.
Le’Veon Bell – Struggled in his first year with Jets. I still believe in him as a top dual purpose RB.


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