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Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Tier List

by Riley Baines
Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Hierarchy List

Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Tier List

These are the best Quarterbacks in the NFL from last season. The Quarterback rankings list is purely based off the 2021-22 NFL season. Traits ranging from talent to production to supporting cast are considered in this ranking.


Josh Allen – The king of the East. This is no longer the Tom Brady owned AFC East. Josh Allen is here and here to stay. He is both lethal through the air and on the ground.


Tom Brady – Every NFL fan should feel a little weird going into the NFL season without Tom Brady. He is the best Quarterback in NFL history and retired from the NFL still playing at an elite level.


Patrick Mahomes – After a slow start, Patrick Mahomes reminded everyone what all the hype is about. The playoff blunder aside, Mahomes may go down as the most talented Quarterback ever.


Aaron Rodgers – The NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers continues to throw at an efficiency never seen before. The problem is peaking at the right time. First game exits are not an option in the playoffs.


Kyler Murray – Reports have plagued Murray claiming that he is selfish. I’d say at 24 years old he is already been extremely impressive and the Cardinals should do everything to make him confident and happy.


Joe Burrow – While he fell just short of his first Super Bowl ring, the Comeback Player of the Year Joe Burrow had a tremendous year. It’s scary how young this team is.


Justin Herbert – The Chargers were one play away from making the playoffs. It wasn’t Herbert’s fault they fell short. He has been nothing short of impressive in his second season throwing for over 5000 yards.


Russell Wilson – Too many people are questioning and doubting Russell Wilson. This man came back from injury far too soon and we saw the results. Once he was healthy, Russ started to cook.


Dak Prescott – People love to hate on the Dallas Cowboys so hating on Dak Prescott is no exception. Contrary to the haters, I think this season was a big success for Dak coming off an injury. He continues to take steps in the right direction.


Matthew Stafford – You take a Quarterback like Matthew Stafford off the lowly Lions and this is what happens. Sean McVay finally had someone who could stretch the ball and the result is a Super Bowl.


Derek Carr – For all the dysfunction that surrounded the Raiders this season, Derek Carr had a pretty damn good season. Ruggs was arrested, Waller was injured and Carr still managed lead this team into the playoffs.


Kirk Cousins – If I die, I die. The Vikings only managed to win 8 games this season, but that’s not on Kirk Cousins. He had the best interception percentage of his career and continues to develop rapport with Justin Jefferson.


Carson Wentz – The massive blunder against the Jagaurs is a microcosm of Wentz’ career. Whenever there is any sort of hype built around him, he disappoints. A more consistent Wentz is needed for any sort of playoff success.


Matt Ryan – This is a perfect example of a great player on a bad team. The Atlanta Falcons are in shambles right now and Matt Ryan is paying the price. It’s not a good sign when Russell Gage is by far the best WR on your team.


Mac Jones – I don’t think anybody believed Mac Jones would transition to the NFL this seamlessly. Massive credit to the coaching staff for the Patriots that made his job a lot easier.


Lamar Jackson – If it weren’t for injures, Lamar Jackson would be higher on this list. Regardless what the Lamar haters say, I still believe his rushing ability makes up for his passing woes. Though there is much to improve on for this team to be able to play from behind.


Jalen Hurts – This is another QB who is too reliant on his rushing ability. Jalen Hurts needs to learn how to make the rhythm throws better to have sustainable success. That being said he is trending in the right direction.



Jameis Winston – I love the underdog story. Jameis came back after a full season to record 5 touchdowns and no interceptions in his first game back. If it weren’t for injury, he would be higher on this list.


Jimmy Garoppolo – I think the 49ers need to move on. Jimmy G puts up serviceable stats, but also has the benefit of one of the best supporting casts of any QB. Without Kittle, Deebo or Shanahan, this man would be exposed for what he is. Just another guy.


Tua Tagovailoa – People were ready to write him off after his rookie season. He’s shown massive improvements in his second season. An offensive minded head coach might be exactly what he needs for his progression. Welcome to the Dolphins Mike McDaniel.


Taylor Heinicke – Another great underdog story. He wowed me a few times this season, but also showed his inexperience too often.


Trevor Lawrence – People thought he was the prince that was promised going into the season, but quickly changed their tune. Urban Meyer leaving is the best thing for him. We saw what he was capable of in his last game against the Colts.


Justin Fields – We saw Justin Fields play really bad last season. We also saw him play really good. I’m not sure what to think of him yet, but I do know it’s too quick to write him off.


Ben Roethlisberger – I hate to see a great QB retire playing bad football. I want to remember him for the legendary QB he was over his career, not what he was this past season.


Ryan Tannehill – Life is a lot different when you don’t have Derrick Henry carrying you to the promise land. Ryan Tannehill is a good Quarterback. Just good. Maybe even just alright.


Daniel Jones – With a name like Danny Dimes, you have to throw more dimes. The Giants spent an astronomical money getting pass catchers this past off-season and have nothing to show for it. Will a different coach help?


Zach Wilson – While the tier 5 ranking might not suggest it, I am very excited about Zach Wilson. I think he is extremely talented, but limited by a bad team. Expect him to be a riser.


Jared Goff – From Los Angeles to Detroit. You have to be concerned for Jared Goff’s mental health. I don’t think he will be anything more than a good backup or bad starter.


Baker Mayfield – I thought he was playing solid until he got injured. Then wow. This passing attack turned into a dumpster fire as Baker failed to get anything going in the back stretch of the season.


Sam Darnold – He started hot and then his production fell off a cliff. After returning from injury, the Panthers could have started him, but instead had him split 50/50 with Cam Newton. Huh? My confidence is dwindling and fast.


Tyler Huntley – I was pleasantly surprised by Huntley. Those stats don’t tell the whole story as he started to find success on an injury plagued team.


Trey Lance – We still haven’t seen enough of Trey Lance to make a fair assessment. We know he can run, we don’t know if he can run an offense… yet. I say give it a go as Jimmy G ain’t it.


Davis Mills – Bill Belichick had a long track record of dominating rookie QBs… until he met this man. Davis Mills played some really good football on a really bad team. This might be the starting QB of the foreseeable future for the Houston Texans.


Taysom Hill – I think he’s a great athlete and a phenomenal utility player. He’s not a good Quarterback though.


Tyrod Taylor – This may have been his last chance to be the starting Quarterback for a team. He isn’t a good enough passer.


Cam Newton – This man somehow still manages to go beast mode on goal line runs, but that’s pretty much all he can do at this point in his career.


Drew Lock – The Broncos are filled with talent… except for the most important position on the field. He showed some growth, but not enough.


Jacoby Brissett – He had his moments when Tua was out, but it didn’t last long.


Gardner Minshew – Where are all the Minshew truthers at? Sorry to break it to you, he’s not better than Jalen Hurts. One game doesn’t tell the story. He’s still young though.


Andy Dalton – Remember when Andy Dalton said the Bears were his team? So much for that. We’ll likely never see him start for another NFL team again.


Teddy Bridegwater – It’s painful to watch Bridgewater under center. He plays cowardly. All those talented Broncos WRs go to waste as he’s afraid to throw downfield.



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