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Best Cornerbacks 2020 Hierarchy

by Riley Baines
Best Cornerbacks 2020 Hierarchy
Best Cornerbacks 2020 Hierarchy

Best Cornerbacks 2020 Hierarchy

NFL’s Best Cornerbacks 2020 Hierarchy

Keep in mind this list is a prediction for the best cornerbacks in the NFL next season. This is not just based off last seasons performance.  The NFL’s best cornerbacks 2020. For the fan voting, participate on the poll at the bottom of the page.

Tier 1:

From left to right: Stephon Gilmore &Tre’Davious White.

Stephon Gilmore – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  82.8
Fresh off his 2019 Defensive Player of the Year award. Stephon Gilmore is the best man coverage cornerback in the NFL.

Tre’Davious White – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  75.6
Unlike Gilmore, Tre’Davious White plays a lot more zone coverage. Not as dominant in man, but has proved his worth in zone on a Bills defense that loves to mix up the coverage.


Tier 2:

From left to right: Marlon Humphrey, Jalen Ramsey & Marshon Lattimore.

Marlon Humphrey – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  70.5
Marcus Peters had more big plays, but Marlon Humphrey is the more consistent and versatile cornerback.

Jalen Ramsey – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  71.5
Ramsey loves to talk and that brings more hate. If you’re going to act like the best in the game, play like it. He’s one of the best, but needs to be more consistent to jump to that first tier.

Marshon Lattimore – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade: 68.1
Plays in the most wide receiver heavy division in the NFL and holds his own. Allows too many big plays for tier 1.

Tier 3:

From left to right: Marcus Peters, Darius Slay, Richard Sherman & Byron Jones.

Marcus Peters – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  83.2
Risk taker with elite ball skills. Peters had 3 interceptions for touchdowns last season.

Darius Slay – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  56.4
A head scratcher PFF grade. Slay is much better than the grade suggests.

Richard Sherman – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  88.9
He was the best zone coverage cornerback last season. Love him or hate him, Sherman is extremely intelligent and has elite instincts. The speed this late in Sherman’s career limits his upside.

Byron Jones – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  76.1
The Dolphins went shopping this off-season. The Cowboys got worse as Byron Jones just got paid to play alongside Jaire Alexander.

Tier 4:

From left to right: Casey Hayward, Patrick Peterson, Jaire Alexander, Denzel Ward & Xavien Howard.

Casey Hayward – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  84.2
At 30 years old, Casey Hayward keeps up with his technical skills. Elite football IQ.

Patrick Peterson – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  68.6
Not the same dominant threat he was a couple of seasons ago. Going into his contract year, expect Peterson to be all-in.

Jaire Alexander – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  72.3
Helped transform the Packers into one of the premiere defenses in the NFL.

Denzel Ward – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  69.9
Struggled with injuries last season. His athleticism is top tier, but needs to be more consistent. 

Xavien Howard – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  56.5
Now the #2 cornerback on the team. I see him benefiting from the addition of Byron Jones.

Tier 5:

From left to right: Joe Haden, Shaquill Griffin, Chris Harris, Quinton Dunbar, D.J. Hayden, Jason McCourty & Steven Nelson

Joe Haden – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade: 70.3
This Steelers defense is elite. Joe Haden is just one of the very consistent members in the secondary.

Shaquill Griffin – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade: 77.1
Just had the best season of his career. Serious potential for this 24 year old.

Chris Harris Jr. – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade: 69.9
The Broncos are much better than their 2019 record. Expect a bounce back season for CHJ.

Quinton Dunbar – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade: 87.6
Josh Norman was not the best cornerback on the Redskins. Dunbar stole the show having the best season of his career.

D.J. Hayden – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  76.9
Former 2013 1st round pick who just had his best season as a pro.

Jason McCourty – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  74.4
It wasn’t just Gilmore having a huge 2019 season. Jason McCourty was just signed to a 1 year deal to keep this secondary great.

Steven Nelson – 2019 PFF Defensive Grade:  80.5
Steeling Nelson from the Cheifs was a massive addition for this Steelers secondary.

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