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Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020-21

by Riley Baines
Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020

This list is my prediction for the best running backs in the NFL next season. I’ll talk about each players’ talent and ability, but ultimately it’s who I think will perform the best. The NFL is a cruel world and the best overall players don’t always have the best statline.

If you would like to watch this in video form check out the youtube video below, otherwise scroll down and follow the full breakdown!

Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL

Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020 - #10 Aaron Jones

Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020 – #10 Aaron Jones

#10 – Aaron Jones

Starting off strong with this Aaron Jones ranking. He was the rushing touchdown leader last season with 16 yet I feel confident ranking him 10th on this list. Hear me out on this one.

The big thing that will hold Aaron Jones back next season is the touchdowns. I believe in him as a talent, but he won’t get the same opportunity as last season. The main reason for this is A.J. Dillon.

The Packers drafted rookie running back A.J. Dillon in the 2nd round and he is a physical specimen. You’re not going to invest a 2nd round pick on a running back and not use him. And when it comes to a player like Dillon who is listed at 247 pounds, Matt Laflear would be a fool not to use him in short yardage/goal line scenarios.

Aaron Jones showed he can also flourish in pass catching with 49 receptions for 474 yards, but I think that’s his ceiling. I can’t say that he is a better pass catcher than Jamaal Williams. I doubt he sees more than 50% of the touches out of the backfield on 3rd downs.

Aaron Jones is a 3 year pro and in his first 2 seasons he averaged 5.5 yards per carry versus his 4.5 yards per carry in 2019. He had 236 carries in 2019 and I think that number will jump down to around 160 with the quality of touches also being effected.


Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020 - #9 Nick Chubb

Top 10 Running Backs 2020 – #9 Nick Chubb

#9 – Nick Chubb

This is another situation similar to Aaron Jones. Nick Chubb is clearly an elite talent, but he is sharing the backfield with the best back up running back in the NFL in Kareem Hunt.

When Kareem Hunt returned from his 8 game suspension he was an immediate impact maker. Over the first 8 games of the season Nick Chubb stepped out of his comfort zone and flourished as a pass catcher, but Kareem Hunt is on another level. So why is Nick Chubb one of the top 10 running backs?

Nick Chubb will be even more effective as a pure runner next season. The Browns completely re-vamped their offensive line with the additions of Jack Conklin and Jedrick Wills who are both immediate impact makers. This o-line was the clear weakness of this offense last season and they just got a lot better.

The Browns are one of my top 10 best offenses in the NFL next season because I see them becoming far more efficient.  Kevin Stefanski is a far better coach than Freddie Kitchens and has even more weapons at his disposal. Nick Chubb will get his.


Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020 - #8 Josh Jacobs

Top 10 Best Running Backs in the NFL 2020 – #8 Josh Jacobs

#8 – Josh Jacobs

If Josh Jacobs didn’t miss 3 games last season he was winning offensive rookie of the year. His rookie season was electric as even considering those 3 games missed he led the NFL in forced missed tackles.

In terms of his athletic profile, Josh Jacobs doesn’t measure out very well. He doesn’t have overwhelming speed at all yet people just can’t tackle him. Jacobs is a naturally gifted runner with enough wiggle and physicality to keep would be tacklers guessing.

His physicality is ultimately what makes the fit with the Raiders perfect. Jon Gruden loves to run the football and Josh Jacobs is a workhorse do it all running back. Next season he will continue to be used heavily and get those quality redzone touches.

I don’t see the Raiders taking a huge step forward compared to last season in terms of wins, but Josh Jacobs will continue to be the shining light on this offense.

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