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Best Head Coaches in the NFL Today – Tier List

2022 NFL Hierarchy Tier List

by Riley Baines
Best Head Coaches in the NFL Today - Tier List

Best Head Coaches in the NFL Today – Tier List

This is the ranked tier list for the best Head Coaches in the NFL today. Keep in mind that this isn’t just a who has the best record list. It’s accounting for the impact each coach makes on their team. That means I also account for their career impact alongside 2022 impact. Some teams had extremely low expectations and blew those expectations out of the water. Others had high expectations and now find themselves on the hot seat.

Tier 1:

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Career Regular Season Record: 295-147 (.667)
2022 Regular Season Record: 5-4

While 2022 has been underwhelming in terms of the Bill Belichick standard, this is still the GOAT we’re talking about. He is the best head coach of all-time and gets a lifetime pass into the 1st tier barring a collapse of a season. Even with the struggling young Mac Jones, the Patriots continue to make a playoff push in arguably the hardest division in the NFL. I never thought I’d be saying that about the AFC East.

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs:

Career Regular Season Record: 240-137-1 (.636)
2022 Regular Season Record: 7-2

The moment Andy Reid won Super Bowl 54, he cemented his rightful place in the pro football hall of fame. Now each season he continues to climb up the all-time head coach power rankings. There were questions about whether this Chiefs offense would continue their dominance without Tyreek Hill and those questions were answered.

John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

Career Regular Season Record: 143-91 (.611)
2022 Regular Season Record: 6-3

I’m continuously shocked to see how many people disrespect John Harbaugh in my comments on @SOGFOOTBALL. This is the same John Harbaugh that won Super Bowl 47 with Joe Flacco under Quarterback. He made three straight playoff appearances up until 2020, and if it weren’t for injuries 2021 would have continued that trend. With Lamar Jackson healthy, this Ravens team is looking very dangerous going into the playoffs this season.


Tier 2:

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Career Regular Season Record: 157-91-2 (.632)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-6

Here is a wild stat for you. The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t had a losing season since 2003. The next closest team is the Kansas City Chiefs since 2012. Since taking over the Steelers in 2007, Mike Tomlin has won seven AFC North titles including a Super Bowl win in 2009. While the Steelers have struggled mightily this season, it was only a matter of time. This is still one of the best head coaches ever.

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Career Regular Season Record: 158-108-1 (.594)
2022 Regular Season Record: 6-4

If you wrote the Seahawks off, they didn’t write back. I genuinely thought after trading away Russell Wilson that the Seahawks were tanking for a better pick. I was dead wrong. Pete Carroll is the ultimate players coach and after a couple of phenomenal draft picks the Seahawks are on route for yet another playoff appearance.

Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills

Career Regular Season Record: 55-35 (.611)
2022 Regular Season Record: 6-3

Coming into the season, the Buffalo Bills were the favorite to win the Super Bowl. After a few tough losses, the Bills aren’t even first in their own division. That being said, Sean McDermott has completely transformed the culture of this team. All they have to do is get into the playoffs and then anyone can make it into the promise land.

Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers

Career Regular Season Record: 44-46 (.489)
2022 Regular Season Record: 5-4

While Shanahan has a losing career winning percentage, I still believe he is in contention as one of the top 10 best head coaches in the NFL today. The 49ers in recent years have had some brutal Quarterbacks at the helm, yet he still finds ways to win under top competition. I consider him one of the elite offensive minds in the NFL today.

Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

Career Regular Season Record: 17-9 (.654)
2022 Regular Season Record: 8-1

I cannot understate just how impressive this season has been for Sirianni and the Philadelphia Eagles. I spoke about the culture change by Sean McDermott in Buffalo, and the same goes for Nick Sirianni. After making the playoffs in his first year in charge, this man has transformed this team into one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The best part is that they also hold onto the Saints first round pick.

Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans

Career Regular Season Record: 47-27 (.635)
2022 Regular Season Record: 7-3

Speaking of culture change, I give Vrabel most of the credit for transforming this team into a bunch of junkyard dogs. This isn’t the most exciting team to watch considering it’s more of a game manager approach. But if you love tough, physical football, this is the team for you. They fight for everything on offense, defense and special teams.

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams

Career Regular Season Record: 52-32 (.644)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-6

What a disappointing season for the Rams. The Super Bowl hangover is real for this team. I consider Sean McVay one of the elite offensive minds in the NFL today, but this team is just too top heavy. After a couple of key injuries, it has highlighted just how little depth there is for the Rams. He still gets the nod as a tier 2 coach considering just how dominant he has been since taking over.


Tier 3:

Kevin O’Connell, Minnesota Vikings

Career Regular Season Record: 8-1 (.889)
2022 Regular Season Record: 8-1

A nearly perfect record for a rookie Head Coach ain’t no joke. Kevin O’Connell brings the Sean McVay offense into a team that needed that extra push to be elite. The reason he is not ranked in the second tier just yet is because of the roster he inherited. The Minnesota Vikings were already a really stacked roster before he took the reins.

Matt Lafleur, Green Bay Packers

Career Regular Season Record: 43-16 (.729)
2022 Regular Season Record: 4-7

What a fall from grace by the Green Bay Packers. While his winning percentage of 73% is the best for any active Head Coach in the NFL today, you wonder how much of that is because of Aaron Rodgers. When Aaron Rodgers struggles, this team is in shambles. It’s also worth mentioning his 2-3 record in the playoffs and puzzling coaching decisions in key moments leaves him out of the second tier.

Brian Daboll, New York Giants

Career Regular Season Record: 7-2 (.778)
2022 Regular Season Record: 7-2

I never would have imagined this Giants team being this good. I thought Daniel Jones was a bum and turnover machine, yet Daboll has helped change my mind. Credit to him for allowing OC Mike Kafka the play calling duties. Most Head Coaches aren’t willing to put their ego aside, yet Daboll has done exactly what it takes to make this team playoff contenders.

Robert Saleh, New York Jets

Career Regular Season Record: 10-16 (.385)
2022 Regular Season Record: 6-3

The New York Jets were an absolute joke last season. It was a team littered with young, underperforming players. Now in 2022, this team is trending upwards and fast. Robert Saleh’s defensive first philosophy has paid off for this team. Considering the lackluster play at Quarterback, a run-first, defensive approach seems to be the only way for this team to win.

Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns

Career Regular Season Record: 22-20 (.524)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-6

Don’t let the 3-6 record fool you. He was thrown to the wolves after the Deshaun Watson drama filled off-season. I credit Stefanski for creating the most lethal rushing attack in the NFL. This team runs through Nick Chubb and rightfully so. I also cannot fully judge him until I see this offense with Watson at the helm.

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

Career Regular Season Record: 149-95-2 (.610)
2022 Regular Season Record: 6-3

People love to hate the Cowboys and are quick to blame the people in charge. But now the Cowboys are now legit Super Bowl contenders. Even with the injury to Dak Prescott early this season, McCarthy still found ways to rally this team to a 4-1 record with Cooper Rush under center. It’s also worth mentioning how much of the credit goes to OC Kellen Moore and DC Dan Quinn.

Doug Pederson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Career Regular Season Record: 45-44-1 (.506)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-7

Going from Urban Meyer to Doug Pederson must be a breath of fresh air for any team. I mean, you won’t find Doug Pederson lurking at your local bar after losses. This is a very young roster so it’s not surprising to see them struggle early. I do still view Doug Pederson as someone who can help transform this team. He is a Super Bowl winning Head Coach after all.

Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins

Career Regular Season Record: 7-3 (.700)
2022 Regular Season Record: 7-3

Mike McDaniel deserves all the credit in the world for rescuing the career of Tua Tagovailoa. Somehow Tyreek Hill looks even better with Tua under center than Patrick Mahomes. While Miami still has some defensive woes, this offensive juggernaut of a team is now on pace to win the AFC East title. Sorry Brian Flores, but you are no Mike McDaniel.


Tier 4:

Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona Cardinals

Career Regular Season Record: 28-30-1 (.483)
2022 Regular Season Record: 4-6

All it takes is the visuals from the sidelines to know something is up in Arizona. I can’t count the amount of times Kyler Murray has been caught screaming at Kliff Kingsbury in front of the team. This team is in disarray, and it’s hard to blame anyone but the man in charge. He went from being one of the most promising young Head Coaches to one quickly on the hot seat.

Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders

Career Regular Season Record: 95-87-1 (.522)
2022 Regular Season Record: 5-5

Just imagine the absolute nightmare that is working for Dan Synder. Every single week there is a new story about his owner that distracts from the actual performance of the team. For Riverboat Ron, it doesn’t matter. Carson Wentz was not the answer, but Ron Rivera has made it work in recent weeks with Henicke. After handing the Eagles their first loss of the 2022 season, the Commanders are trending up.

Zac Taylor, Cincinnati Bengals

Career Regular Season Record: 21-36-1 (.371)
2022 Regular Season Record: 5-4

People are quick to forget just how horrible the Bengals were over the first two seasons of Zac Taylor’s tenure. A Super Bowl appearance does that. Now in 2022, this Bengals team has been extremely inconsistent. They’ve had their highs looking like a Super Bowl team yet again, but their lows find a way to out-weigh the highs. I have no idea what to expect from this team going forward.

Arthur Smith, Atlanta Falcons

Career Regular Season Record: 11-16 (.407)
2022 Regular Season Record: 4-6

I never though I’d be saying this about a 4-6 team, but the Atlanta Falcons have completely exceeded my expectations. Some how, some way, Arthur Smith has found ways to win with the clearly washed Marcus Mariota at Quarterback. He is an extremely creative play designer who makes it work no matter the players around him. I’m excited to see how he performs with a capable Quarterback under center.

Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Career Regular Season Record: 31-46 (.403)
2022 Regular Season Record: 5-5

Todd Bowles is just looking like a placeholder until the Bucs find their next head coach. Given the success of the Bucs under Bruce Arians, a 5-5 record has to be a massive disappointment for this franchise. While the Bucs have looked solid enough these past couple of weeks, they do not yet look like legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers

Career Regular Season Record: 14-12 (.538)
2022 Regular Season Record: 5-4

Speaking of disappointments, this Chargers roster is too stacked to be struggling this much. While there have been multiple injuries to account for, this team hasn’t figured it out on either side of the ball. Justin Herbert is a stud, and his play should reflect that. With Keenan Allen and Mike Williams seemingly back this week, let’s see if this team can figure it out. Maybe he needs to go back to going for it on nearly every 4th down.


Tier 5:

Dennis Allen, New Orleans Saints

Career Regular Season Record: 11-35 (.239)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-7

This has to hurt for Saints fans. They are without their first round pick next season after trading it for Chris Olave and have struggled mightily all year. Dennis Allen has left me scratching my head for continuing to go back to Andy Dalton when Jameis Winston no longer has an injury designation. Does someone need to remind him he doesn’t have his first round pick?

Lovie Smith, Houston Texans

Career Regular Season Record: 90-94-1 (.489)
2022 Regular Season Record: 1-7-1

This wasn’t exactly a dream scenario for Lovie Smith to step in. Actually, quite the opposite. That being said, Lovie Smith has found ways to keep the Texans in games against much better competition. They were the worst team in the NFL coming into the season and will be the worst team in the NFL coming out of the season. I don’t put the blame on Lovie Smith though.

Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions

Career Regular Season Record: 11-26-1 (.303)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-6

He may be the most quotable, most relatable and funniest Head Coach in the NFL, but Dan Campbell needs to start winning games. The Lions offense has exceeded expectations, but on the defensive end it’s been a disaster. This is the worst defense in the NFL and it’s not even close. They need to start biting off knee caps.

Steve Wilks, Carolina Panthers

Career Regular Season Record: 5-16 (.238)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-7

This is a professional interim head coach. The Cardinals seemingly didn’t give him enough of a chance, but he’s done a solid job with this struggling Panthers team. He probably won’t get another chance in Carolina, but I have to give him his respect.

Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears

Career Regular Season Record: 3-7 (.300)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-7

I was ready to write off Justin Fields and this Bears team right after trading away Roquan Smith. I thought they were ready to tank and I was wrong. Finally the Head Coach has allowed their OC to use Justin Fields to his strengths. I doubt this Bears team makes a playoff push, but their play has been promising for what’s to come in the future.


Tier 6:

Nathaniel Hackett, Denver Broncos

Career Regular Season Record: 3-6 (.333)
2022 Regular Season Record: 3-6

Some Head Coaches get the luxury of being able to move on from their Quarterback. Hackett on the other hand is stuck for Russell Wilson, and I’m not sure they’ll be able to figure it out. This Denver Broncos roster is actually really good, but this 3-6 record does not reflect that. His extremely poor game management doesn’t help either.

Josh McDaniels, Las Vegas Raiders

Career Regular Season Record: 13-24 (.351)
2022 Regular Season Record: 2-7

Another failed Bill Belichick disciple. Wherever he goes, the team just falls apart. I thought the Raiders were extremely underrated going into last week against the Indianapolis Colts. And once again, I was wrong. This Raiders team is in disarray and unable to find their identity. Is it Derek Carr’s fault? Slightly. But Josh McDaniels sure isn’t helping.

Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis Colts

Career Regular Season Record: 1-0 (1.000)
2022 Regular Season Record: 1-0

This man should just retire now. The only undefeated Head Coach in the NFL today. Allow it and ride into the sunset. What makes a guy like Jeff Saturday succeed is relegating duties properly and trusting those under you to do their job. The Colts can surprise me, but as of now I can’t move Saturday any higher.

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