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Baltimore Ravens Record Prediction 2023

NFL Team Outlook

by Riley Baines
NFL Record Predictions - Baltimore Ravens 2023 Record Prediction

Baltimore Ravens Record Prediction 2023

NFL Team Outlook & Season Preview


As the 2023 NFL season draws closer, the Baltimore Ravens find themselves in the spotlight for several reasons. With significant shifts in strategy, personnel changes, and high expectations, here’s a comprehensive look at what the upcoming year might hold for the team.

Offense: The Jackson-Monken Connection

New Directions in Strategy:
The new offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, has introduced some intriguing adjustments. While Lamar Jackson’s reputation as a dynamic running QB precedes him, Monken seems keen on evolving the Ravens’ strategy. The emphasis? Balancing Jackson’s unique running abilities with more passing plays. This nuanced approach might not only generate bigger plays but could also ensure Jackson’s longevity in the league, especially after concerns arising from his availability in past playoffs.

Defense: Transition and Trust

Emergence of Kyle Hamilton:
The departure of Chuck Clark has paved the way for Kyle Hamilton to assume a more traditional safety role. Having showcased impressive skills in the slot the previous year, Hamilton is set to become a more significant defensive pillar this season. His adaptability provides defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald with numerous strategic options.

Standout Stars:
Cornerback Marlon Humphrey continues to be a central figure in the Ravens’ defensive schemes, displaying consistent excellence and locking down some of the league’s top receivers. Meanwhile, linebacker Roquan Smith has shown time and again why he’s considered among the elite at his position, exhibiting stellar play-reading abilities and making crucial tackles.

Off-Field Dynamics: Contract Talks

The waves created by Lamar Jackson’s new contract remain a topic of discussion. While the ink on the contract has dried, the implications of the deal, both financially and in the locker room, might still be felt. Any early-season stumbles might raise questions about its worth and the prolonged negotiation period. However, with Monken at the helm of the offense, there’s a general expectation that the partnership with Jackson will thrive.

Breakout Candidates: Beckham Jr. & Flowers

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., when fit, is undeniably one of the league’s top talents. However, injuries have plagued his career, leading to a cautious optimism around his performance this season. If Beckham Jr. faces fitness hurdles, rookie receiver Zay Flowers appears poised to make a significant impact. With or without a fully-fit Beckham Jr., Flowers seems ready for a standout year, especially when defenses might be more focused on more established stars.

Potential Team Adjustments:

While the Ravens’ defense remains formidable, there’s always scope for refinement. A few pundits believe adding another cornerback could be beneficial. In a league where the passing game dominates, having depth in the secondary, coupled with Humphrey’s brilliance, might be a strategic advantage. Furthermore, injecting some more prowess into their pass rush can allow Macdonald greater flexibility with his defensive play-calling.

2023 Season Expectations:

Expectations for the Ravens remain high as always. A breezier 2023 beckons on the horizon. Their 21st ranked strength-of-schedule is an open invitation to the playoffs, and the AFC North title may just be ripe for the taking. Much will hinge on how Monken’s offensive tweaks align with Jackson’s performance. Additionally, the defense’s consistency, anchored by standouts like Humphrey and Smith, will play a crucial role in determining the depth of their playoff aspirations.

In conclusion, the Baltimore Ravens head into 2023 with a blend of established talent, promising newcomers, and a renewed strategic vision. Only time will tell if these elements combine to create a memorable season for the team.

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