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Most Rushing Touchdowns by a Quarterback in NFL History

NFL Stats Chart of the Top 20 QBs in Rushing TDs

by Riley Baines
NFL Hierarchy - Most Rushing Touchdowns by Quarterbacks All-Time

This is a list of the all-time leaders in rushing touchdowns for Quarterbacks. This does not account for time spent out of the NFL. Only the most rushing touchdowns by a Quarterback in NFL history.

This is not an opinion list. You cannot argue this.

What I find very interesting is how far ahead Cam Newton is from everyone else. He has more than double the amount of rushing touchdowns than Mike Vick who is widely considered the best running Quarterback of all-time.

It’s also worth mentioning that Josh Allen has become a very quick riser on this list. I would not be shocked at all to seen him in the top 3 within the next couple of seasons.

Cam Newton 75
Steve Young 43
Jack Kemp 40
Steve McNair 37
Tobin Rote 37
Michael Vick 36
Randall Cunningham 35
Steve Grogan 35
Aaron Rodgers 34
Daunte Culpepper 34
John Elway 33
Otto Graham 33
Y.A. Tittle 33
Kordell Stewart 32
Terry Bradshaw 32
Fran Tarkenton 32
Josh Allen 31
Roman Gabriel 30
Donovan McNabb 29

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