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(VOTING) Best NBA Point Guards 2020-21

by Riley Baines

Vote for the WORST until the best NBA Point Guard wins!


This is a last man standing tournament. Vote for the worst point guard on the list of best NBA Point Guards until there is only one left. There are certain players that play multiple positions, so I decided to classify them based on where they play most/how they play.

1st Round: Elfird Payton (51%) & Markelle Fultz (9%)
2nd Round: Patrick Beverley (20%) & Coby White (17%)
3rd Round: Lamelo Ball (23%) & Collin Sexton (20%)
4th Round: Dejounte Murray (26%) & Mike Conley (20%)
5th Round: Spencer Dinwiddie (27%) & Lonzo Ball (21%)
6th Round: Malcolm Brogdon (29%) & Dennis Schröder (20%)
7th Round: Derrick Rose (25%) & De’Aaron Fox (24%)
8th Round: Goran Dragic (44%) & Jrue Holiday (16%)
9th Round: D’Angelo Russell (29%) & Ben Simmons (24%)
10th Round: Kyle Lowry (28%) & Ja Morant (27%)
11th Round: Jamal Murray (31%) & Kemba Walker (29%)
12th Round: Kyrie Irving (56%) & John Wall (17%)
13th Round: Trae Young (44%) & Russell Westbrook (23%)
14th Round: Chris Paul (47%)
15th Round: Damian Lillard (57%)
16th Round:

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